Ekantha Darshana anubhavam of Sri Suryanarayanan

I got this email early this morning. He wants this to be communicated to Sri Ganesa Sarma. I dont have his email. Hence sharing here – this is no secret. I will appreciate if someone could send this link to him.

We all have read so many blessed incidents where they had darshan of Periyava with no devotees around. Asking for nothing to Mahaswami shows the devotee’s elevated level of his bakthi. Our namaskaram to mama.

Periyava Sharanam!

My name is R.Suryanarayanan 78 yrsl live in Chennai.

I had a unique experience of meeting Maha Periava in 1972 in Kanchipuram. I was working with MICO BoSh in Bangalore.
One evening I suddenly felt that I must go to kancipuram and have Darshan of Mahaperiava. I left on the same night .

Next morning around 5am I got ready but I was told that mahaperiava was in a village nearby. A old Rickshawala took me to the place where mahaperiava was He was sitting in a Hut and was in Dhyanam
A old gentleman who was his help asked me to wait and said mahaperiava may or maynot come out . He further said that mahaperiava was in one of his Mauna(not speak to anyone) period.

Lobehold Mahaperiava came out and looked at me.

I was asked by the gentleman to introduce myself which I did but
I was totally speechless though I was asked to express my wishes. I told the gentleman that my desire was to have mahaperiava darshan only.

All this happened when there was no other devotee around.

I left as soon as another couple came and started expressing their wishes.

I have been wanting to share my experience with one who has complete blessings of Mahaperiava.

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  2. Maha Periyava’s Blessings are ever with the Blessed Devotee and all others like him! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam!

  3. Recently sri Ganesan arma was ona lecture tour in USA… I will try to transmit the experience to sri sarma hi.
    AndanLlur S. Vedanarayanan

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