Multiple Rescue Efforts – Eleven Cows Saved…..

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – By Sri Periyava Anugraham, there were three consecutive days of cow rescue efforts starting last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday out of which one of them was directly from a slaughter house near Avadi, Chennai. Total of 11 cows were saved. They are safely residing in three different Gosalas. Below are brief details on those rescue efforts.

Note – Remember, at the ground level, very rarely you will encounter people who knows what a Ghosala or a Cow Shelter is. They have not even heard of the word ‘Ghosala’ nor aware of the whereabouts of such places. Now with a lot of campaigning and also taking them along to places they are gaining awareness of such places.

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama


The old lady you see in the picture is the owner of these cows below; dairy products are the family’s only source of income and livelihood for several decades. However, as a paradox, she has given more than 50 cows/calves for slaughter. She is a Christian but good at heart. I realized this after Periyava connected me with her. As it is the norm all over in her area, she has been giving all her cows for slaughter since there were no other options available. But the moment I told her about what we do, the importance about Gho Mathas and the Maha paapam one commits from sending them to slaughter she realized her acts whole heartedly and repented for her mistakes openly (she still keeps ruing whenever I meet her). Remember she is a total illiterate with no knowledge of reading/writing but when she saw the opportunity,realized and took the option with both her hands. Well, you would say the same may appeal to many people who are more educated. Unfortunately not, and many still keep sending their cows for slaughter despite knowing the safer/better options available for both them and their cows.

These cows have been transported safely to Shri Sethu’s farm, one of our kind hearted Periyava devotee who has a  farm in Marungapallam village near Tanjore. I connected with him through the blog after his comments on the Marakkanam rescue couple of months back. I will write a separate post on him and how he was inspired by our rescue efforts and has magnanimously opened up his farm land to save many cows that are going for slaughter. Kudos Sethu Sir!!!


The three very skinny and starving cows you see below has been rescued from a slaughter house near Avadi. As I had mentioned before, over the last several months I have built many contacts/brokers/dealers who work very closely with the abattoirs. Rescued these cows at the last minute and they are now residing in Cow Foundation in Thiruvalangadu.


On the wee hours of Saturday saved three more native breed cows (two cows and a calf) near my area. They are now safely residing in Shri Shivarpanam Gosala in Utthiramerur.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to our blog devotees, one anonymous and Shri. S. Venkataraman Balaji for their contributions without which we could not have saved these innocent Jeevans.

For contributing to our rescue operations please see the account details HERE.

Shri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

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  1. Sai….I just got to know about the marakkanam rescue and will be very happy to associate for ghosamrakshnam.

    Actually I stay in chengalpattu,close proximity to uthiramerur and whatever best possible way i can help financially,will do it.Can i just have your contact no.My no is 9538229998/6381825951.


  2. Sai, Well done!

  3. saubhagyam-even to read and know.

  4. Thanks Sir, for the wonderful opportunity given to support this initiative .. Looking forward and Namaskarms to you and many of the kind hearts to save more and more cows.

  5. I came across a Twitter handle @Dakshin Vrindavan who also invite walk-ins for cows

    • I know Ashwin (managing trustee of Dakshin Vridavan) pretty well and we talk often. First it is not viable to transport the cows that are rescued in Chennai area to Palakkad area where Dakshin Vrindavan is as it is 550 kms plus. Next is, every Gosala has their own challenges and we cannot send all the rescued cows in one place. Need to spread it across multiple locations within a reasonably closer proximity. Rama Rama

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