Preview of Mahaperiyava tank renovation project at Tiruvanaikka

To me, Tiruvanaikka Sankara Matam is almost like going home. Atirudram Ravi & I always meet here during my trips, go to temple darshan and come back to the Matam and eat with vidhyarthis, spend time with Auditor Sri Jayaraman – this is my routine here.

This time, as I have written earlier, Sri Periyava was camping here for 3-4 days and while I was waiting to get His darshan, Sri Jayaraman took me to this place to detail about the project they are planning to do.

Auditor Sri Jayaraman, a great devotee of our Matam is the caretaker of the Matam and works closely with Periyava for all projects etc. I have lot of respect for him for his selfless service and keeping a low profile despite all fantastic work he has done.

As Sri Jayaraman explains, Sri Mahaperiyava during His stay here, took snanam in this tank for several months. Now with the kumbabishekam of Sri Panchamukeswarar coming up in 2020, this tank is also going to be renovated – Sri Periyava has approved this idea.

In late-2019/early 2020, I will come to you all for support!!!!

Thank you Sri Jayaraman for sparing time with me and explaining these details.

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  1. Should read :Include us in the support list”

  2. A project that needs NRI support. Mahesh include me the support list.

  3. The body, with the intellect and mind has checked in into U S. But your anma is still at thiruanakka, Sri Mahesh,Whereas those residing here in our punya desam may not have visited even the sri matam here. You must have missed your dear friend this time.

    Like Ganapathy Subramanyam you too return for good here along with Chicago periava

    Pranams to swami

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