Panchayathana Puja during travel

With Periyava and Swami’s blessings, I have been doing panchayathana puja for quite some time now. Most of the time, I take my puja with me whenever I travel and ask someone at home to do it if I couldn’t take it.

This time, I decided to take the puja with me and as Mahaperiyava says in Dheivathin Kural, Adi Acharya had designed to keep this puja simple to do by all of us. Carrying those swamis in the form of stones is easy and getting flowers and doing a neiveidhyam with raisins or nuts is very easy. Even while we are on the move, we can spare 20-30 Mts to do this puja before we start our day. There are days that I did the puja in the evening too. I normally do rudrabishekam if I have lot of time or do a shorter version if I dont have time etc.

I am sharing only t to explain how easy it is to do this. Last photo is taken during abishekam. the previous photo gives you an idea of all small boxes that I carry for sandhanam, kungumam, akshadhai etc. Please note that the arrangement of the stones and the vel is due to very small cup I carried – at home, they would kept as per Shiva Panchayathana guidelines. I know what all comments would come for this 🙂

BTW – If you are interested in starting panchayathana puja, please contact Sri Sarma Sastrigal, who has initiated this puja to 100s of people in Tamilnadu. Pl google for his contact information.

Aum Nama Shivaya!

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  1. Mahesh anna,so you have Six:oru lingam,salagramam.vigneswaran,surya,ambal, and vel;i am not yet initiated;just asking.Anna,similarly guidelines/tips for sandhyavandanam-specially when you travel in sleeper class in a non stop train-like duronto.

    • adi acharya established six murthi worship – Ganapathy, Sivan, ambal, surya, vishnu and subrahmanya. Hence He is called “Shanmatha sthaapanacharya” as one of His namavalis. Although it is called you will see 6.

      Sandhyavandhanam can be done anywhere – particularly if you are in India.No special guidelines etc that I could think of.

  2. Thank you for the tips. I also try to take this with me during travel but hesitate to do so because of the concerns about sanctity of the hotels. So prefer to leave it at home or give it to local temple so that they can do the Pooja there even if it only offering prasadam.
    I also got initiated into this from Sarma Sastrigal only. He is continuing to initiate people across TN every year.
    Nice to see you are also doing Sri Chakra pooja. Why do you have a separate Ganesha vigraham . Isnt that included in the Panchayatana Pooja. How long does it take to do all the poojas together.

  3. Can you explain the basic requirements for taking up panchayathana pooja. Also how do u perform the pooja if you are in flight for longer hours??

  4. What is the cream/off-white object towards the right in the cup? It has several depressions in it. Which Devata does it depict ?

    I could identify the following :

    Red stone : Ganesha
    Spatikam disc : Surya
    Baana Lingam: Shiva
    Saaligram : Vishnu

    One Grey stone like a mountain : Ambal ?

    Vel : Murugan

    Also, how does Murugan fit in “ Panchayathana Puja” ??

    • You answered it all correctly..Adi Shankara introduced worship of Subrahmanya – shanmathasthapanam…

    • oh – forgot to reply on the off-white color stone – it is Mahalakshmi. My ex-neighbor in Chennai (Sri Vaishnavite) gave me for all saligramams I have. It is kind of a stone that would resemble what we see in beaches. I forgot the name for that.

  5. Why have you placed ToI paper in front of the idols? Also, besides spiritual exercise which is very much necessary in this age, we have to do physical exercise too daily, like jogging, walking or simple yoga asanas. For a strong body is a strong mind, isn’t it?

  6. Terrific. I doff my hat. I don’t do any pooja at all. Gayatri takes up at least 5 hours [3+1+1] of my day.
    Rest is taken over by #Twitter and watching “Devon Ke Dev Mahadev” again and again. And browsing through newspaper, watching a movie on Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar etc.
    I guess, in this birth, only this much is possible as of now. I can’t say what I may do in the future.
    Now, Sri Mahesh, whenever you happen to visit Thiruvanaikovil next, can you send me an email?
    I would love to meet you. Thank you.

  7. This is so beautiful and inspiring. I always miss doing puja when i have to travel and worry about my Gods being alone at home. Thank you for sharing this and also the pics.

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