Sudhan’s maiden attempt with brushes!

After several years of pencil sketches, Mahaperiyava must have given him the encouragement to attempt paintbrush drawing! It came out so well!

Great job Sudhan!

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  1. Sudha Sir – I have a request. There is a YouTube video of MahaPeriyava reciting thotakashtakam. If you can draw that periyava in color if possible it would be literally dream come true for me. I have been waiting for a long time for some artist to draw me for that. Please let us know

    Thank you

  2. Tatroopam. Wonderful.
    How to personally contact Sri.Sudhan?

  3. No words to praise
    Whatever Sudan takes in his hand whether pencil or brush MahaPeriyava comes and sits there
    MahaPeriyava ARUL paripooranamaga kidaikkatum

  4. Excellent. absolutely stunning work and Periyava Anugraham in abundance for Sudhan.

  5. What expression – life-like and divine darshan. Thanks

  6. Ram Ram. What a thathrupa painting !🙏

  7. Words are insufficient to express my feelings! Sudhan ji you are ……………………………………. (can’t find a suitable word).

  8. It is one of my favourite snaps of Mahaperiyava and always gives me a close connect with HIM.Excellent work Sudhan. My prayers for you ….

  9. This painting is a real Blessing, fabulous…

  10. What an amazing work !! Periyava’s paripoorna anugraham..

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara..

  11. It is more than a work with brushes. Looks as though Mahaperiyavaa guided the brushes to create His own image as though seen in a mirror. Wow, Real Holy Roopam in excellence. Real Grace.

  12. Aahaa.. it is amazing.. Excellent work Sudhan👌🙏🌷

  13. Great.. thathroobam.. namaskarams

  14. Such a lovely painting.

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