Direct Rescue from a Slaughterhouse on Anusham – 12 Cows saved over back to back intense rescues in the weekend

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – This weekend was pretty hectic with two back to back intense rescues. By Sri Periyava’s grace managed to save 12 cows including two directly from a slaughterhouse on a Anusham day. Almost 24 hours had gone in these rescue efforts.

As I read in one of the dailies and as you are all aware Chennai city is facing severe water crisis that was not seen in the last 70+ years. What this translates w.r.t cows is, there is no water to feed or maintain them. You would have seen many messages floating around in Social media stating lot of cows coming to Andhiyur Sandhai (cattle market) for sale due to the prevailing condition. The situation in every town and neighborhood is no different including the area I live in. Cow owners could not afford to upkeep and sell their cows to wrong folks. This includes even decently milking cows.

At this point Ghosalas, farmhouses, and temples that can afford to keep the cows are the only options and I’m plugging at those.

On Saturday (15/06) early morning, rescued 2 native breed cows, 2 calves from my neighborhood and transported them safely to Sri Shivarpanam Gosala run by Shri Chandramouli mama in Uttiramerur. One of the cow owner needed money to pay his children school fee.  The other cow owner son is a drunkard and is admitted in a rehabilitation centre for treatment for which they needed money. Both the cows were earmarked by brokers but Periyava showed me a way to get those cows. Shri Shivarparanam Gosala has come a long a way in the last couple of months and it is good to see so many native breed cows doing well there. The rescued black cow and calf you see is a rare native breed variety that is on the verge of extinction.

On the wee hours of Sunday (16/06), rescued eight calves and a cow that were about to be sold, two of the calves directly from a slaughterhouse. These cows were safely transported to Cow Foundation gosala in Thiruvalangadu. While travelling to the Gosala enroute Thirvallur-Thiruthanni high road you would see many (at-least ten) abattoirs operating busily on Sunday mornings. While on my way with the cows in my truck I saw two calves tied to a tree outside the abattoir waiting for their end . Since my truck was full with cows I could not do much about it and moved on with a very heavy heart. I dropped the rescued cows from my area in the Gosala and came back in the same route after couple of hours. I saw both the calves standing in the same place of the abattoir with one of the abattoir guy trying to untie a calf to take it inside. With my truck empty now, instinctively I got out and requested the guy if he could sell those innocent calves to me. He was very reluctant and checked with the owner who was busy butchering a few cows inside. I had no choice but to walk inside and talk to the owner where I had to witness all the gory scenes and negotiate with him on saving those calves. I’m not going to elaborate but what I witnessed was really really brutal. The other guy was not willing to sell either since he had ‘customers’ waiting in the queue on a Sunday morning. After some persistence, he called someone else over the phone and after some price negotiations released both the calves. Since I did not have funds at that time ran to a nearby ATM, withdrew the money and rescued them. It was absolutely a great relief to get this one through!!

We have a Whatsapp group where I post these cow rescue updates almost live when one of the devotees pointed out that it was Anusham day. Though I attended the Anusha Puja the previous evening I thought it was over and did not give much thought to it since there were quite a bit of logistics to take care of on rescues. It is indeed great that Sri Periyava showered his grace on Anusham day on these eight jeevans especially those two innocent calves in slaughterhouse which would have been killed if I had just gone five minutes late. Over the weekend, HE showed us a way to rescue 12 cows which is important than anything else.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to our blog devotees Smt. Revathi (Arun Abishek), Shri. S. Viswanathan, Smt. Rajeswari Viswanath, Smt. Kumaraswami Ramanathan, Smt. Sripriya Vasudevan, Shri Balaji Hariharan for contributing to these rescue efforts. 

For contributing to our rescue operations please see the account details HERE.

Posting the pictures and clips below with a brief description. Don’t miss the video clips and see those beautiful cows and calves.

Black rare native breed cow with calf

White native breed cow with calf

Black rare native breed cow with calf

Cows and Calves transported to Shri Shivarpanam Ghosala on Saturday (15/06)

Innocent calf enroute to Gosala (Taken during a driver tea break)

Cows given a much needed bath on their arrival at Sri Shivarpanam Ghosala. They have not had bath for many months.

Gho Puja done by Shri Chandramouli Mama in Gosala


After bath Cows and Calves having a good meal at Gosala

Cow being rescued from a nearby neighborhood on Sunday early morning (16/06)

Calves being rescued from a nearby neighborhood on Sunday early morning (16/06)

Cows and Calves transported to Cow Foundation on Sunday morning (16/06)

Adorable Cows and Calves Video Clips, Beautiful isn’t it? (Taken during a small break enroute to the Ghosala)

Two native breed calves tied under a tree just outside a Slaughterhouse in Thiruvallur

Two native breed calves tied under a tree just outside a Slaughterhouse in Thiruvallur. You can see people are standing in a queue to buy beef.

After negotiations with butchers cows safely rescued in our truck

Rescued Calf from butchers hand in Gosala having a meal

Rescued Calf from butchers hand in Gosala having a meal

All the other Cows/Calves rescued having a meal in the Ghosala


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  1. Namaskar
    Don’t have words to express on this wonderful mission of saving cows and calves from slaughter houses.
    Rescue on anusham day is all the more wonderful.
    Could we please have numbers of the ghosals where we could contribute something for the maintenance of the cows and calves

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara 🙏🙏

    Periva charanam

  2. Is there a list of Gho Shalas being run? Is there some way we could bring all this under one federation like structure?

  3. Periyava’s Arull, Divine Job Done, Our Humble Respects to You and Your Team

    Periyava Thiruvarull For The Cows and All needed

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  4. Sir, thanks for all your effort.

  5. Himalayan effort guided by Maha Periyava.
    Jaya Jaya Sanakra! Hara Hara Sankara!

  6. Namaskarms another great efforts. Looking forward to join the journey .

  7. Dear Shri Srinivasan
    Great effort saving do many gomathas.
    All Periava’s Anugraham.
    Please message me your mob no.

  8. Nowadays we donate for temple kumbabishegams very liberally and most of our funds are spent on publicity, digital banners, decorations, lavish lighting, marble flooring VIP feast etc Many have started to perform Maharudhra and Athirudhra homams without adhering basic rules. We can not stop these events. However we can restrict our contribution for these events and use the funds to save cows. For us every day should be Anusham.I do not know our sastrams permit godhanam of such cows on andhyeshti karmas.

    • //I do not know our sastrams permit godhanam of such cows on andhyeshti karmas.//

      Doing Gho Dhanam is must on andeshti karmas; one on second day and the other gho dhanam on 12 th day. Nowadays some do it on 12th day but many others (even who are affluent financially) pass it due to lack of knowledge or will. Even vadhiyar’s don’t emphasize much on this. Per our Sastras, we have to do at-least 10 gho dhanams in our lifetimes on various occasions. Rama Rama

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