“I am too hungry, please feed me” – Swaminathan!

What a great interview by Sriram Raju with his paati…To me, this is the first interview of someone narrating Mahaperiyava’s purvashrama days as Swaminathan. It brings tears in our eyes to even visualize that Mahaperiyava when He was a small boy was starving for food and asked next-door family for “pazhayathu” (old food from yesterday). It is all a divine play by Him! Can we see any other blessed family than this on this planet?! Our namaskaram to this whole family!


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  1. Such incidents are irrelevant . What is relevant is His advise to the humanity—– Veda rakshanam, Gho rakshanam, Annadhanam, helping those in need etc. Let us concentrate on these and try to do our bit in fulfilling them, instead of wasting time on these trivials.

  2. I also don’t agree with this story. I wrote this to Mahesh

    Mahesh, Mahaperiyava Appa was a school inspector. That he went for unchavruthi and came late, Mahaperiyava starved and begged food from neighbor story – we should check on this.


    Those days there was subhiksham. Serving food to neighbor kids was no problem. Nobody would make them beg for it.

    Mahesh wrote –

    I responded to a similar question in the blog..unjavrithi is not a reflec6of one’s financial status. According to sastras brahmins are supposed to do that. In fact periyava had asked seppu ramamirthy mama(I think) or samavedam chandramouli mama to do this. Besides, I dont think that this paati at her age would misstate anything intentionally.

    I am not convinced 🤔😊

  3. Historical incidents are different. Bakthi is different. If it not talleying with corresponding years means not acceptable. Ra ganapathy mentioned that, at his first meeting incident in 1957 -59 many many devotees narrated some earlier incidents with him, during conversations with Maha swamiagl. That was possible.
    In 1950s, many persons lived, those who had darshaned , at his early years. now this incident goes to
    115 years back. Please dont confuse history and devotion. That you are not bothering, which is regrettable one.

  4. I recall that Periava’s poorvasrama father was some government official and the family was well placed to send the children to a decent english medium school. We have seen some excellent photos showing the student dressed in impeccable uniform with coat and all!

    Hence the narrative about him being in abject poverty seeking food from neighboring family seems a bit deviant from what would have been the reality.

    A child getting some meal or small eats from a Neighbour was prevelant in earlier times ( I have experienced same some six decades ago ), but to portray that as some situation arising out of abject poverty, more so involving our most revered Mahaperiva’s childhood makes me uncomfortable to accept unless of course lapse of time has ended up in embellishing the narrative.

    I may be totally wrong but I felt that it is my duty to express my reservations !!

  5. Thanks so much for the emotional narration, i recalled my darshan of Mahaperiayava in 92 from a distance when he raised his palm to bless me. that one blessing is enough for a life time we can imagine how beautiful it is to have Mahaperiayava bless this family with the Meru of Tripurasundari

  6. What a lovely narration. Simple people extraordinary life

  7. Have never come across this story.If it is true,it may not have missed the pen of Ra,Ganapathy Sir…ummmm

  8. Very Happy to hear Maha periyavaa’s purvashrama days through Patti,Hara Hara Shankara,Jaya Jaya Shankara!

    • I have read that Periava’s (poorv ashrama) father was a school inspector with govt. But Patti says that he engaged in Unjavridhi only for food.

      • Both could be true. No matter what you earn Brahmins are supposed to eat from unjavrithi. It is not a reflection of ones financial status.

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