Rig Veda jata parayanam – Sri Vadakkunathar temple, Thrissur – July 21 – Aug 7

Thanks to Professor PV Ramachandran, Indianapolis for his wonderful effort to do this parayanam in this temple for the 3rd time under the blessings of HH Periyava. Last two years they arranged a Krishna Yajurveda and Shukla Yajur Veda Jataparayanams. This year, a Rig Veda Jata Parayanam has been arranged at the Thrissur Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple from July 21 till August 7th. Eight Ghanapadigals from Chennai will be chanting for nearly 10 hours for 18 days to complete the Parayanam.

Devotees in and around Trichur are invited to attend this event, listen to these rare chantings and receive the swami and ambal..

Aum Namashivaya!

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