Auditor Sri Chandramouli’s speech and recognition by Sri Periyava

Here is the speech of Sri Mouli on gho samrakshanam followed by Sri Periyava’s recognition to Sri Mouli. The audio isn’t very clear but if you pay attention, you can follow.

Sri Mouli has been doing a great kainkaryam for a long time and it wonderful to see him recognized by Sri Periyava.


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  1. An Excellent work; Entering into this journey -setting up a shed for 50-60 Gohmathas in my village – almost ready. Definitely, alone none could do this, we need support from as many as we could, to save more & more . I have noticed this cow slaughtering transportation during my visit to Chennai-which is terrible and met with Shri Sai Srinivas Sir, spoken to Shri Ashwin and several others who are doing excellent rescue works, in my short trip to India. Spoken to a Vet Doctor friend- all current look alike Jersey are breaded from native cows and now its our mission to convert them to Desi cows by breeding them with Desi bulls. I trust, this initiative will save all Gohmathas with great support from everybody. As Shri Chandramouli sir said, cows will eat 24 x 7 -if one could feed… Namaskarams ..looking forward the blessings and supports

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