Mahaperiyava Jayanthi in Tjärnö, Sweden

Posting about Jayanthi in Chennai/Kanchipuram/Chicago/Dallas/NJ is nothing new. Seeing a very simple and athmartha puja in a place where probably there is very little or no other Indian is worth-mentioning. Hats off to Smt Suda Parimala Ravindran (I am guessing she is the one who is doing the puja here in the video!) taking effort to do this despite living in a country/island quite far away from our cultural connects etc.Mahaperiyava blessings will be with you Smt Suda !

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  1. Pranams to swami. Thanks for the post. The doer of puja has not shown herself in the video. So simple is she.
    I pray to Mahaperiava the ensuing year brings peace to all.
    Hara Hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

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