Happy Mahaperiyava Jayanthi to all

Today is the most special day for all of us – our ummachi thatha’s Jayanthi..Like Lord Krishna is referred as “krishnam vandhe jagadgurum ” Mahaperiyava came to this world to be as bagawan and guru for all of us. We all are the most blessed people to be devotees of Him.

Let us have a wonderful Jayanthi celebration and receive His blessings..

periyava Sharanam

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  1. Mahaperiyawa Charanam. We all pray for the good things to happen to our Bharatham. Also all the scarcities should vanish.

  2. Audio Series:- SATHGURU SMARANAM.

    ||Sathguru SmaraNam|| contains soul-stirring compositions on Sri Maha Periyava, written by “Sri Kavi Kannan Mama”, and rendered soulfully by “(Late) Sri Thiruvenkadu A. Jayaraman”.

    These songs were recorded and released as audio cassettes, back in 1998, by the tremendous efforts of “Sri Vikku Vinayakaram”.

    Youtube link:-
    Sathguru SmaraNam – Sri Maha Periyava Jayanthi Special: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZPfcOg7GG8cKjndB8yjx0if1kuwYruHt

    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  3. In this Auspicious day, Try to help some one for their living, like perusing some one’s job request, or to help some one to find support for living, which HH Periyava Self will acknowledge with Heart and Soul, instead of creating community SNS like this, and spread self pride, Hope this is a Statement from Periyava Self as comments, further a helping hand is God’s wish, and an opportunity given to grow one’s self a good service to God, HH Periyava never expected a celebration but expected Man to Man help, and Periyava dont believe in giving suggestions, but Smiles on People who help Others in Creating Good Values through action

    From HH Periyava Self


  5. An holistic Yatra to Adambakkam Kanchi Mutt sevarthis place, participated listening to the VedaGanapadigals guides young vidyarthis of Rig and yajur vedapatasala’s attached to Kamakoti Kanchi Peetam. A great reality created and kindled by MahaPerivaa, a Special vision we the MahaPerivaa Adiyargal are able to witness, that this Sanathàna Dharma will follow to several thousands of years on the earth.

  6. I am truly Blessed as I share my Birthday with MahaPeriyava !!

    Today is also my *Star* Birthday.

    *Anusham* Nakshtra n Vrishik Rasi.

  7. If permitted we will add the following

    Not just celebrating, but to follow His principles of simplicity and not to exhibit wealth in a pervert way which irritates others. Particularly ladies when they visit math shall wear dresses in such a simple and complete way. Many a times we are annoyed by their way of presence at holy places.

    We will be far more blessed by Him than the celebrations

    • You are 100% right Sir! Celebrations are secondary. Performing Anushtanams, showing love and compassion to all fellow living beings is the best way to celebrate His jayanthi. On this day at least many more people should take a pledge to follow His advise and truly and honestly follow the same. That is the best tribute we can pay Him.

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