Sri Sadashiva Bramendal’s 105th Aradhana – May 14th @Nerur


Tomorrow marks the 105th year of Aradhana of this saint. Celebrations at Nerur would happen as usual. Devotees who are near Nerur can attend – others can pray this Mahan to receive His blessings.

Periyava Radio brings out 4-hour special program tomorrow starting at 10 AM. Download and listen “Periyava Radio”.

Namaskaram to Sri Brahmendral!


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  1. I remember in the 50s Sadashiva Brahmendral’s Araddhana would be celebrated with great solemnity and utter devotion. The Agraharam in Nerur was fully occupied and functional then. Volunteers from the Aradhana Committee would visit various towns and villages and collect donations. Even small amounts like a rupee or two were accepted.[ This was really not such a small amount then, as the rupee had real value. Just one example: a measure ( two litres) of kichidi samba rice sold for 8 to 9 annas ( 50 to 62 paise), a masala dosa in the hotel cost 3 or 4 annas. Now the same quality rice costs Rs.70 a kg ie Rs 140 a measure, a dosa costs Rs.40 – 45 in a standard hotel.] Later, the celebrations encountered some problems due to local politics. It is gratifying that the celebrations are conducted again on a grand scale. Sadguru Sri Sadashiva Brahmendral is a supreme Jnani respected by all great souls. Remembering him confers great merit. It is said that remembering him early in the morning on Deepavali day is especially meritorious.

    It however makes one sad to note the many mistakes in what is written in Tamil in the poster.
    Adhishtanam அதிஷ்டானம் is written as ‘adhirstanam’ அதிர்ஸ்டானம். and the Tamil transcript of the famous shloka Guru: Brahma is also not correctly written. Even the Tamil shloka from Tirumantram திருமந்திரம் is not written correctly.

    தெளிவு குருவின் திருமேனி காண்டல்
    தெளிவு குருவின் திருநாமஞ் செப்பல்
    தெளிவு குருவின் திருவார்த்தை கேட்டல்
    தெளிவு குருவுருச் சிந்தித்தல் தானே .

    Youngsters today reading this may take it as the correct rendering, ( as it is found in the Adhishtanam of a great saint ) and thus there is the risk of the mistake spreading.

  2. I think 105th year Aradhanai could mean the number of years this Aradhanai is being done. HE belongs to 17th century contemporary of Sri Atma Bodendral (58th Kamakoti peeta swami) Nama Bodendral,(59th) and Sri Aiyyaval.
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

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