Seeking clarifications on Mula nakshathram and sanyashrama date of Mahaperiyava

Someone recently mentioned to me that Mahaperiyava took sanyasa on Akshaya Trithiyai. I wasn’t sure about the authenticity of that. I did long back ( I pages I posted was taken from a magazine Sri Matam had printed long back – clearly, that is an authentic one. Becoming a sanyasi is different from becoming the acharya swami of Kamakoti Peetam. As per the following are the text from “Mahaperiyava Divya Charitham”, they both happened on the same day.

Swaminathan was later formally initiated into the sannyas ashram. This holy event took place on the second Wednesday of the lunar month of Maasi, in the Prabhava year (February 13, 1907) when he was just 13 years old. He took the name of Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswathi and became the 68th Shankaracharya to grace the Sri Kamakoti Peetam.

Obviously the month when He took sanyasa was Feb and normally Akshaya tritiyai comes in April. Also interestingly the star is not Mulam on that day (as per – click for 1900 to 2006). As you are aware, mypanchang has become the only source to have panchangam all the way from 1900 to date. Actually Feb 9th was mulam. I am just wondering how Mula Nakshatram is associated with this.

Here is the screenshot of mypanchang from 1907 February:
Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 9.57.40 AM.png

Here is the Matam panchangam shared by Sri Thangasubramanian. Even as per this, it is not mulam.

Finally – here is Sharmaji quoting completely a different date – I am sure he is saying this based on certain facts (I don’t know which one – will try to find out from him)


It is only an observation and trying to clarify my mind – nothing more.

Periyava Sharanam!

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  1. / heard full recording of Sharmaji’s upanysam . He initially starts with 13/2/1907 as the day he was initiated in to Sanyasa Ashrama and the latter date of 9/5/1907 as Pattabhisheka day. We have to find out from authenticated sources the reason for mounam on Moola day

    • Only reason for maunam on moola Nakshatram is to offer the gift of speech to Saraswati who is the presiding deity of moola Nakshatram

  2. The practice of celebrating Moolam as the sanyasa sweekara day was initiated and organised by the Vignesh Studio people. Even then some people questioned about the validity of the celebration but they were silenced by the organizers by terming as unreasonable questions. The reason cited was Periyava observed maunam to commemorate his sanyasa sweekara Nakshatra, which we know is an absurd and untrue explanation. Later on, they were not allowed to continue this celebration at the matam, and they took it over to orikkai, which didn’t continue for long. Presently, they have shifted base to their own studio premises. Wonder what role who has here in polarizing devotees of the Srimatam, as is being claimed by a member here.

    A lot of new things are being attributed to Periyava and Akshaya Tritiya, maybe to jack up their popularity.

  3. Moolam is SRI SARASWATHIS AND SRI ANJANEYAS NAKSHATRA. Since Saraswathi is VAAK DEVATHA Sri Mahaperiyava did MOUNA VRATHA ANUSTANA on moolah as worship of Sri Saraswathi ambaa

  4. mahesh I have taken the scanned copy of mutt panchangam and sent your mail

    • I saw that. Thanks. It is amazing that you have panchangam for more than 100 years!! As per the dhivya charitram, peetarohanam and entry into sanyasa kramam happened on the same day. As per your Panchang also it is not mulam. Enough with my research! Someone is wrong somewhere about associating mulam. However it is true that Periyava observed mouna vratam I’m mula nakshathrams. Thanks for the input.

  5. Dear maheshji, probably it could be the peetarohanam which happened on mula nakshatram .

    Like our bala periyava took sanyasam way back. but his peetarohanam was done recently.

    Its just a thought tHANKS


  6. i am sorry,dhanishta on 13th feb,1907

  7. i am sorry-dhanishta nakshatram.

  8. as per the attached above,ashrama sweekaranam also on anuradha nakshatram.

  9. His authenticated biography, was very first published in 1957 only, after completing 50 years as Mutt Head, by his own poorvasrama brother Sri Sambamurthy sastrigal. Then some more clarifications on his appointment as Mutt head , 1907 happenings was published in 1961 in Bhavans journal -What life has taught me. (after nearly 60 years) .R Natarajan

  10. Namaskaram
    Here is Shri Ganesha Sharma ji’s excerpt –
    Looks like MahaPeriyava Pattabishekam in Kumbakonam happened on May 9 1907,

    But this happens neither to be Mula nakshatra nor Akshaya Trithiya, but they were just one week before and after respectively. Not sure if there is any association on these dates related to this Pattbishekam.

    9th May 1907 MahaPeriyava’s pattabishekam – (As per video this said date is Chithirai 27, but May 9 1907 is Chitirai 26 as per this calendar)
    15th May 1907 – Akshaya Thrithiya –

    • Thanks for the link…someone should find out from Sharmaji on where he came up with that date..that date is not mentioned in divya charithram as well..

  11. Navami & Dasami were Blessed only once with Sri Rama & Sri Krishna were born in those Thithis! But Both Prathamais (Sukla & Krishna Paksha) were Blessed to have Swaminathan & HH Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi were Born in Prathamai thithis. It’s possible that when HH took Peetarohanam in May after he turned 21, it could be Akashya Thritiya & Moolam but definitely on Sanyasrama day, for sure! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • HH took Peetarohanam in May after he turned 21. But it was on Shankara Jayanthi day and so it must be Vaishaka Shukla panchami. So, it was 2 days after Akshaya Tritiya. When I checked the panchangam, the nakshatram is not moolam. Also, there is a news being spread that it is maasi moolam. But HH’s Peetarohonam was in (Chandramana) Vaishaka which is nowhere close to the month of Maasi.

      • chandru – you’re right – He took over teh administration of the matam when He turned 21 but that doesnt matter at all as it is just a logistic workaround. Even that date (My 19, 1915) is a sankara jayanthi but nakshatram is Punarpusam.

    • Guru – you’re talking about His birth date. I am talking about His sanyashrama date. Certainly it is not askhaya tritiyai or mulam.

      • Mahesh – I posted my first comment to signify the importance given to Both Prathamai Thitis which were Blessed to have HIS Poorvasrama & Sanyasrama Births (taking Sanyasrama) date, which I mentioned!) 😀 I covered both Birth & Sanyasrama Dates (according to Indian Calendar) to confirm it’s not AT. Chandru has clarified & confirmed that HH Peetarohanam also doesn’t come near AT all!
        Typical polarized cult group spread message to confuse hardcore Sri Matam devotees & followers, what else new?

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