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  1. Respected Sir,

    The video could not be seen as the message “Unavailable This video can’t be embedded. ” comes up on the screen.

    May be you need to send in a different format ??? Please check yourself.


    S. Ramachandran Bangalore

  2. Mahesh Garu, I’m not seeing any video or a link here. Can you help.

  3. Good video. One thing to note is as per our Sastras we should not stand on the Asanam (seat) as we see all of them do in this video. Also, the panchapatram, asanas, etc. we use should be exclusively for us. This has been explained by Srivathsa Somadeva Sarma (a vidhwan well respected by Maha Periyava) in his Sandhyavandam book published in early 1950’s. Let’s ensure the nithyakarma we do is in accordance with sastras as much as possible. Rama Rama

  4. Gayathri Mata blessings are always with this divine child and blesses parents too. Namaskaram

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