Badavi Linga & Sri Krishna Bhat – Hampi


Shared by Smt Jayalakshmi & Bharath Singh in FB. There is no great service than doing these kind of services at temple. We choose to financially support but getting into this level. I know that it is easier to say while logistics are difficult. We all should try to do this when health is supporting us to do these.

Aum Nama Shivaya!

His name is KN Krishna Bhat – 86 years old. He gets paid just two times a year.

And he cleans and does puja to the massive 9+ feet tall “Badavi Linga” in Hampi, Karnataka, everyday. Badavi = Poor woman. Some poor woman made this majestic Linga possible long ago.

After Vijayanagar empire was destroyed by Bahamani Sultans, no puja for 430 years. The temple roof was destroyed by fanatic invaders, but the Linga remained intact.

He restarted puja in 1980s after Kanchi Swamy took initiatives. Rain or shine.. Health or no health.. He is there daily to do puja. This place always has water surrounding the Linga – 365 days. He asks for drop in two wheelers from people and gets home in the afternoon.

What dedication 🙏

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  1. HI All , are you aware of such Shiva sthalams in and around Chennai or in Kcnahipuram ? I want to see if I can help both visiting there in person and also take up the poojai and related maintenance costs . Sri Maha Periyava Sharanam

  2. As we are aware Hampi is a tourist destination, where many architecturally renowned temple are there. Is this temple near to them?

  3. Thank you for sharing. Tears come seeing his dedication and Lord Shiva’s Grace. Har Har Mahadev ki Jai!

  4. A very rare bred in today`s context. Hats off and wish long live

  5. there are a few dedicated archakas who do daily poojas without expecting any monetary help. May his tribe increase. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam.

  6. kindly guide as to ways of reaching small sums of money-Periyava in any case takes care of him;i think this will enable people living in far away places to supplement his efforts;pParameswaran Peiyava does not need this supplementation;yet we can guide.

  7. A FEW SUGGESTIONS: (1) in Karanataka, locals who put in labour + a few from Bangalore who put in money do restore temples is being done.Smt.Jayalakshmi could try this route. (2) If we publish this in the BAKTHI / SAKTHI / and such magazines dedicated for spreading the message of various temples – published in Tamil & Telugu (i am sure) possibly there are equivalents in Kannada, a lot more visitors will pour in and make small donations that will add to big sum.(3) We could ask SANKARA TV / BAKTHI TV (Telugu) / SAPTHAGIRI (all onduct aalaya dharsanam programs ) / ETV (AAlaya dharshanam daily between 16:30 to 17:00) that will give huge publicity

  8. Awe-Struck and inspiring !!! Parameshwara !!!

  9. What an awe-inspiring image! A punya-athma to be blessed with such service. I see Lord Shiva’s Grace in him. Thanks for sharing

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