kathA kAlakshepam on Advaitam by Abhinav – Chicago

Abhinav, is the most favorite cutie of Chicagoland, who steals our hearts in all religious/spiritual events. I am struggling to figure where to start to write about him. Should I start from his thatha Sri Bharani Mani mama or his parents for giving such a terrific support or the abundant blessings from all acharyas? May be all together!

Abhinav, despite his young age, is a fearless performer. Being a stage performer I know how one would get nervous once all the flood lights are turned on and see hundreds of audiences in front of you. Few months back in Adi Shankara Tamil drama, he played the young Adi Sankara and his performance was phenomenal. The dialogue around tough topics around advaitam was effortlessly and flawlessly rendered by him. For each anusham he will come to our place and sing songs composed by his grandfather on ummachi thatha.

Here he is in his new avatar of upanyasaka! This was done few days back at Rama Temple, Lemont during “Thanga Murugan Vizha”.

Let us pray Mahaperiyava and all acharyas to bless this kid with more talents and stay as a model kid!


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  1. It is indeed a wonderful performance by young Chi. abhinav on Lord Murugan. His voice is so sweet, his Tamizh is so flawless and his mannerism is so marvellous .he has a great future and one day he will visit. Our BharatVarsha and deliver many many spiritual Kathakalashebams.We pray and wish him all the best in life. His parents and grand parents should be complimented for shaping this young talent in the spiritual field. HARI Om !

  2. I can notice a spark in this child’s eye – naturally gifted.

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