“Did you all get darshan”?


Last week, we were blessed with having 2 senior citizen couples visited our place to have Mahaperiyava darshan.  All four of them are very senior Devi upasakas and very staunch devotees of Mahaperiyava who also had experiences with Him. Our sincere thanks to both the families to visit us.

During our conversation, the elder brother narrated an experience with Mahaperiyava. During Mahaperiyava’s yatra/camp near Kumbakonam (I think!) their family wanted to go get darshan of Mahaperiyava and also proceed to Swamimalai to get darshan of Subramanyar. After waiting for Periyava, finally gave utharavu for them to get back home. The family said  “we want to go Swamimalai for darshan”. Periyava grabbed the dhandam and held it close to His chest and asked “darshanam aachaa? it is getting late, get back home”.

Such a blessed family to have seen Mahaperiyava as Lord Muruga!

Swamimalai Muruganukku Arohara!

The younger brother narrated one incident (few years ago – not sure if I have shared it here). While he was traveling in a train and at a crossing he met his friend who mentioned that he is on his way to Kanchipuram for Mahaperiyava darshanam. Quickly mama ran and got a few dozens of banana from the platform vendor and gave it to his friend to offer to Mahaperiyava on his behalf. While this was going on suddenly came a beggar, who grabbed the banana and disappeared – couldn’t be seen in the crowd. Mama didn’t have the time to get another dozen as the train moved. When his friend went to Kanchipuram and stood in front of Mahaperiyava and mentioned about mama’s banana offering incident. Mahaperiyava replied “Ask him not to worry and tell him that I ate that banana!”

True bakthi is the only one that we should focus – nothing else!

Mahaperiyava padham potri!


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