Call for action – Brahacharana Bhiksha Vandanam

Thanks to Sri Sivakumar for sharing this. The concept of doing Bikshavandhanam in Sri Matam by different sects of people is an age-old practice. While these have been happening without any break till today, the level of participation by everyone has been very poor. I know in some Bikshavandhanam, there were handful of people who go to Sri Matam and participate.

On one hand, we talk about voting for BJP, protecting our culture, Hinduism etc and on the other hand, we fail to show it in action. Sri (Bala) Periyava is taking lot of effort in energizing people to take part in strengthening our culture by bringing people together. Unity is strength. Participating and bringing our next generation into this is very important in today’s context – when there are very serious threats against our religion. These kind of bikshavandhanams are great avenues to offer our bakthi and service to Kanchi Acharyas! So, please do your best to register and show in large numbers for the Bikshavandhanam and make it a grand success!

Hats off to you Sri Sivakumar for taking lead on this great kainkarya!

Now read on Sivakumar’s message…..

Goal: We have 4 subsects in Brahmin lineage namely-Brahacharanam, Vadamal, Vathimal and Ashtasahasram . PujyaShri Vijayendra Periyava  has ordained Shri Siva Kumar of Califormia to collect information  about Brahacharnam sub-sect  brahmanas , so that they are included into Brahacharana Bhiksha Vandanam. The intention of PujyaShri Periyava is to be more inclusive and get contact with more Brahacharnam from a Shrimatam Perspective. Please find attached shrimukham that specifies name and full details of this effort.

What information is collected : Basic contact information like emailid, gothram, kula deivam etc. is only collected. Your phone number will not be used for any other purposes besides this purpose.

What you need to do? Check with parents which sub-sect you belong to. If you belong to Brhacharanam sub-sect ONLY , please fill this google form

If I have questions whom should I contact?

Sivakumar Kameswaran  +1 949.266.4052  ,

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  1. Please advise whether VAdama subsect can participate in the samashti bikshavandanam or it is restricted to brahacharnam only.Your reply will be much appreciated. 

  2. Vathimal samadhti bhiksha vandanam day, and whom to contact

  3. Ihave this day credited a sum of Rs.2000/- to your city union bank account. IMPS ref no: 910912333886.

  4. Is there any vadamal group?

  5. Thiruvannamalai Brahacharanam subsect is not mentioned in the form. Kindly add the same.

  6. Dear Mahesh Garu

    You mentioned as ‘We have 4 subsects in Brahmin lineage ……….’ Should it not be as ‘Tamil Brahmin lineage’?

    There are such lineages in Telugu and Kannada also (of course in other States too). Hope you get my point. Regards!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara……. Hara Hara Shankara…..

  7. Dear Mahesh, sai srinivasan sirs

    Think about creating a fund whose interest outflows will take care of biksha vandana on specific days of every month. We all will contribute to the capacity of each.

    If this process is repeated every year in due course all days of the month may be filled.

    Accept if it is correct.

    Pranams to Mahaperiava.

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