Great tool to add Vikrasamvastara Calendar in google

Thanks to Sri Kamakshi Seva Samithi for sharing this…Special thanks to Dr Mohan for doing this.

Please use the below link to download the CSV file and follow the instructions as per this post.

Disclaimer – I have not tried this yet. I am sure this will work. If not, please note that I will not be in a position to help 🙂

Click here to download the CSV file

As usual, our volunteer, Dr Mohan has created a CSV file  of all thihi, nakshatram and festivals for the Vikara Varusham as per our calendar. You may  upload this to your google calendar.

Instructions to upload the SKSS-vikara-cal.csv file into your Google Calendar

1: Log into your gmail account.

2: In the apps cluster (right hand top corner in desktop), click on calendar

3: In the calendar, please Check if you are logged into google with the right email id

4: Go into settings of google calendar

5: Click on ‘Add Calendar’

6: Click on ‘Create New Calendar’

7: In it add the name – “KanchiMath VikaraSamvatsara”

Add description as appropriate

Add time (India time zone : GMT+5:30hrs)

Create New Calendar

8: After new calendar gets created, it will appear in the column of calendars on the left

9: Click on ‘Import-Export calendar’

and in it choose the appropriate SKSS-vikara-cal.csv file (or as appropriate)

10: In the dropdown menu for Add-to-Calendar, choose ‘KanchiMath Vikarasamvatsara’ or as appropriate

11: Click on Import button.

You will get a message saying, “Imported 396 out of 396 events” and an ok button.

12: Press ok button and you are all set. Go back to the main page and ensure that this new calendar is in clicked state for it to be displayed.

If you have any problems please do get in touch with us giving details of your system as well as problem.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

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  1. Can you share the Kanchi Mutt calender link (that you have been sharing every year) for the Vikari year 2019-2020?

  2. Excellent. Thanks for the useful tool and your crisp step-by-step instructions. It helped a lot.

  3. Thanks for Tamil calendar. Appreciate the efforts of one and all. Regards

  4. Thanx for sharing the calendar settings.. i followed these instructions and was able to do it successfully.

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