Mahaperiyava’s rare and serene pose


Thank you Sudhan for the share!What a beautiful photo – hats off to the photographer who captured this great photo! Some photos make you think a lot – this is one of them!

It is normally rare to see Periyava completely alone in a photo – you will always see someone standing by Him etc. This is truly a unique one. Also look at the things that are around Him – including the dhandam, Vastrams, those are the only “properties” He “owned” ever since He took sanyasa! What better photo we can find to show a true sanyasi!

Mahaperiyava Thiruvadi Potri!

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  1. Hello

    I am really sorry to say but if you look close it appears as if He was sad which breaks my heart. We want our Gods and Kids to be happy.

    • You are really an unique person to observe only the negative aspects in anything Anon ji. I’m sorry to sat this. We all observed different things in the photo and you alone observed different thing. Yata drushti, tata drushyam.

    • Yatis are free from any kind of grief (or) sorrow. They don’t just renounce externally; their mind is equally renounced. For them, happiness (or) sorrow; gold (or) rock; honor (or) dishonor; heat (or) cold; Shiva (or) Vishnu; bird (or) animal; female (or) male; rich (or) poor; ugly (or) beautiful; fool (or) learned; are all just one and the same.

      Everything on this earth is perceived by them as Brahman, the one and only without any duality.
      Sorrow (or) Happiness is only for ordinary men who are always bothered and worried about their possessions that cause attachments which they find really hard renouncing; and because of this, they fall into the great quick-sand called sorrow.

      • We can find numerous ordinary men/women (non-yatis) who are in their grihasta / vanaprastha / sanyasa stage of their lives compete with the brahmacharis/inis – be it the way they dress, talk, walk or behave. Height of foolishness to think that the body will forever remain like that of a baby or a teenager! Thanks to the selfie-world, most have gone crazy!

    • May Paramacharya bless us all with vivekam not to fall into the trap of FAKE:
      # Self-proclaimed “Sadgurus”
      # “Acharyas” without a genuine ancient lineage
      # “Avatars” who love being dressed up in gold, seated on a gold pedestal, eat in gold, sleep on gold and talk nonsense
      # “Sanyasis” who take the help from Shankaracharyas needed for their survival and once well established, forget where they started
      # “Sadhus” clad in orange who put up a face of innocence to have a huge following for their survival
      # “Gurus” who through mantraic-power have a good following who keep presenting heavy gold-garlands or 2krupee note garlands

      The list is endless. In Kali Yuga, this list is only going to keep increasing.

      Paramacharya always liked simplicity and truth and may he bless us all to find the right guru in order to cross this ocean of dirt.

      Victory to our Kanchi Shankaracharyas always!

      • The other day I witnessed such a guru who is known by an alphabet visiting srirangam temple without even doing sashtaanga namaskarams. Why do they visit if they don’t believe? And following him is a huge crowd

      • @ambrish1989 – M? or Sri?


        There are some FAKE “swamis” who by thoughts think dirty, by words speak honey, by action put up a big-show as though they haven’t seen any currency or gold!

        True people’s thoughts, actions and words are the same with genuine love and compassion and who don’t expect anything in return for the help rendered. They are such harmless gentle great beings who have taken birth just to give motivation and be of help to the people who wish to sail across to reach the reality-ocean from this ever-growing dirt ocean!

        Jagadguru Shankaracharyas don’t require a series of lengthy names of awards earned before their names (like a mahamahopaadhyaya or vidvan or for that matter some accomplished upasaka who have done more than a crore of poojas/upasanas and are hence god-incarnate, etc).
        What is giving an award to God who is actually the giver of award? They are much beyond even a human mind can think of, much beyond all these fancy-world that we all live in!
        They also don’t require comparison with other Shankaracharyas to increase their follower-count. They are just unique in themselves and only that will create a true-guru-shishya-bonding.
        Copying or Competition is going to take one nowhere.

        Dirty Politics and Movies have spoilt people. Filming movies/photography/videography inside temples or mutts should be banned. Government and inhumane people who have sizeable wealth should be thrown out of temples/mutts administration that dictate nonsense making it impossible for poor to pray with peace. Once these money-eaters go away, sanctity will be revived and there will be peace.

        Victory to Paramacharya, the Parameshvara!
        Victory to (Kanchi) Jagadguru Shankaracharyas!

  2. can include this photo in 2019-2020 kanchi calendar if it is not already released

  3. Parameshwara Swaroopam. In reality twe dont even “own” that much, but Maya makes us think we possess everything.

    மாயப் பிறப்பு அறுக்கும் பெரியவா அடி போற்றி

  4. It is indeed rarest of rare! We owe tons of thanks to Sri Sudhan for sharing to Sri Mahesh and to Sri Mahesh himself for publishing in this blog for viewing broadly across the globe.

  5. There are so many saints in this land. So many Mutt heads in this land. But this many different different photos from 1905 onwards to 1994 are one and only is Mahaperiyaval swamigal. Even now in 2019 we are getting some new photos, which we have not seen this much years.

  6. Great fortunate to have seen such photo of Periyava

  7. Kailasa Nathar
    Sand looks like snow
    If you zoom and see Sun is in HIS palm

  8. A rare photo of the Parameswaran. Thanks to Sri. Sudan. Mahaperiyava padam saranam. Mahaperiyava engal Deivam. Hara Hara shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara. Gurubhyo Namaha. God bless you all.

  9. Sudhan is the right guy for this and rightfully all the rare photos go to him.

    Mindblowing truly. Especially that flower HAT


  10. Guruve Saranam. Thanks for this really rare photo with Mahaperiyava’s poised image. If I may say so, He did not even own even those things lying around him, as He used to mention. He was only using them.

  11. Thank you very much Sir.Venkataramani.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  12. Whenever I see mahaperiavas photo, I feel we hold him in high esteem but don’t follow the simplicity that was exhibited by The Swami, in any manner. Most of lifestyle is pomp, trying to exhibit wealth in all possible manners. The way marriages are conducted are a sample to this. We call ourselves as Mahaperiava s devotees.

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