Conversation on Dendukuri Vajpayee Parampara

Few days back, I shared an invitation to a great yegnam going to be conducted in Andhra Pradesh in West Godhavari Dist by Dendukuri family. Sri Bharath sent me this video that covers more about the greatness of the family, yegnam etc.


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  1. Hello mahesh

    The beauty of this great vaidheegan is that only for him I started this YouTube channel to publicize his activities.

    Mahaperiayava turned this into a major mission in my life to cover so many such activities.

    Actually the world has got benefitted by him rather than we giving him benefits.

    Mahaperiayava sharanam!!!!

    • Bharath Sir
      You doing a great service
      Through your service we come to know about more MahaPeriyava bakthas not only in Tamizhnadu but also in Kerala, Karnataka, Andra pradesh.

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