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Do you know that Srilanka is the first country outside of India to have Mahaperiyava Vigraham installed in a temple and that too couple of years back? During that process, they had created a mula mantra and a yantra for Mahaperiyava! Surprising, right?

Adi Sankara has a mula mantra – it goes like this:

“Om Sri sadguravE brahmavidhyAprathishtApaKacharyAya vAni pUjithAya sarVagnyAya bhArathI jethrE sri brahmanishtAya nama:”

This was done by His sishya – Sri Sureswaracharyar. Typically sishyas do it for their guru.   The mula mantras typically describe the great attributes of a devata – in this case guru. Mostly a sishya would do it as they would express their experience of their guru’s great aspects. However there is no such rule that sishyas should do.

Also there are guidelines on how a yantra would be typically done – how a male vs female yantra would look, based on certain attributes – it is like a formula – one could use that formula to get a basic structure – then it would be modified for those devatas.

It is interesting that a highly learned  pundit had done this for Mahaperiyava for this temple in Srilanka. More interestingly, I got access to this yantra and mantra, which was intended to go to NJ manimandapam team, which they are planning to install it during the prathistai. In my opinion, any mantra and yantra is not a secret – it is for all devotees. However they preferred not to share it for some more time. So, I am not going to share that but wanted to let you all know that a mantra exists. It will come out when it should – in the same way how I got to know that! I can give you a hint – it resembles loka mAthA’s yantra (in the document I embedded here) 🙂

Also, just go through the book – just to get an idea of how yantras look – for knowledge perspective.

Also it is NOT advisable to have yantras at home without proper guru’s guidance – particularly Sri Chakram etc. So, stay away from doing that. This post is only for academic interest purpose.

Periyava Sharanam!

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  1. Sir, With respect and namaskarams, to you for all the Kainkaryam you have been doing all these years, I beg to differ.

    Sri Rama always heard every criticism, gave it due thought and then followed only Dharmam and Shastram.

    The ‘In my opinion’ is the scariest thing in the world. It is because of this, that Our Sanatana Dharma is suffering so much today. It is because of this that there is so much pain in this world.

    I do wish everyone does not do what is his opinion .
    Balaperiyava in a recent Bhashanam said ‘Avaavaa avalukku thoninadai panna koodadu, dharmathulaiyum Shastrathulaiyum rnna solirrukko adai than pannanum’

    Meaning – Each one should not do what he feels is right, he should only do what the Dharmam and Shastram says.

    Also, SyncwithDeepa madam, Mahaperiyava has said we should never do Srichakra pujai like all poojai. It has very many rules and restrictions. And it should come Only through Gurumukham. He had also spoken about the consequences.

    It has been posted on this blog, I think.

    We each one of us is an example for many other people. Whatever we do privately in our homes is our Karma. But by publicly sharing, we lead others also on the wrong path and also earn a share of Paavum for teaching wrongly and also their following our wrong path.

    Paavum punyam is very complex says Sri Krishna to Dhritarashtra after the war. We have to wait many janmaas at time for it fructify and we suffer.

    I have only posted this out of care and caution.


  2. Pl do. Wd be grateful.

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  4. Where’s this temple in Sri Lanka? Wd be grateful for details. Kind regards

  5. Can somebody, translate this post in Tamil please

  6. I have been chanting lalitha sahasranamam for past three years and when I started, I had the sri chakram done by an experienced person who does the jewels related to god.. Had many comments that said positive and negative of having.. But so far lalithambikai has blessed us..

  7. I think the article is wel intentional. I am just not sure why we need to publish this though. Maybe it’s ok to share to everyone

    I just get scared when people post about such powerful items on the web when they were meant to strictly transmitted from guru to shishya

    • Nothing interntional Anon ji. Sri Mahesh was just sharing the info that he received and make us all aware of consequences of installing Yantra at home without any proper guidance. If anybody does already without such knowledge, please keep away from it. That’s all.

      Statutory warnings for smoking shown in TVs and Cinemas, are only ment to be aware of consequences of using such things not you to start so.

      Let’s learn postive aspects from the article Anon ji. Don’t be aggressive, calm down please!


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