Shri Dhruba Das, the master sculptor who made first Mahaperiyava murthi

Thanks to Bharath for giving us all an opportunity to see the person behind and the magic hands that have made several vigrahams of great saints from our country. We have seen from great painters like Silpi that without swami anugraham it is impossible to bring out a murthi. Sri Dhruba Das is not just a sculptor but also a great devotee of Mahaperiyava and he feels His presence and blessings always.

Salute to you sir for the great work…Thanks for the tour of your studio where actual creation happens.

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  1. Sri Dhruba Das,though a great sculpture .has and could have done these with the divine blessings and guidance of MahaPeriava.howelse could Dasji have created such realistic and stunning vighrahas without ever having seen Him
    Hara hara sankara

  2. Hello Mahesh

    Thanks for uploading this. Ppl should know how mahaperiayava can influence anyone and get any thing done without even getting up from his place.

    Today millions see his statue at adhistanam without knowing who did it.

    My uncle shot this video 10 yrs back and it miraculously came out in this current edited form weeks back. Nobody know the games of mahaperiayava.

    My uncle gave me this DVD in 2010 to request shankara TV to publish this but mahaperiayava has his own plans always.


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