Mahashivarathri on Periyava Radio

Another year older and another year better!

Yes, Periyava Radio gets a year older on every Mahashivarathri. This Mahashivarathri Periyava Radio is entering into successful 5th year. With His blessings we are able to continue to do this service to Periyava! My sincere thanks to the team who is instrumental in making it better day by day.

As usual, the Periyava Radio team (special thanks to  Smt Lakshmi & her sister Smt Anuradha) has put together a 22 hour program on Lord Shiva – discourses and songs on the theme of Pancha Bootha Kshetra Visesha – that includes Shiva Stuthis, upanyasam, arunachala mahimai etc starting at 6 AM on March 4th and ends at 4.30 AM on March 5th. Don’t miss!

I must say few words about Smt Lakshmi about her passion and dedication in making this radio better. For each and every festival day, she takes the lead and rolls out programs that are beautifully crafted. It would all make sense if all of you listens to these programs on each and every visesha dhinams. Smt Chitra, Hari, Deepak etc actively contributes to other on-demand contents for the radio!

Aum Nama Shivaya


Also, in the next few weeks, Periyava Radio will get another update with more features based on listeners’ requests. Please stay tuned for the next update soon on this.


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