Periyava Padham Sharanam

Thanks to Smt Lakshmi Natarajan for the FB share.

“One stunning news to be shared with u all. SRI *ACHARYAL OF KANCHI KAMAKOTI MUTT* sent Prasadams through special messenger with the msg.that good news would come soon to the family of Sri Abhinandan in Tambaram today. Even when the Prasadam was handed over to the family around 3.30/ 3.45, the TV which was on at that time announced that PM Pak had announced the release of Sr. Abhinandan tomorrow. GURUPRASADAM”

Our acharya parampara are all karunamurthis. With several decades of doing chandramouleeswarar and navavarna puja they do, they become Parameswara Parameswari themselves. Their thoughts are always on Loka kshemam and their passion for our country is beyond our imagination.

While we don’t have to be surprised with this news, it is only reassures that we are in their safe hands.

Periyava Sharanam

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  1. For a average devotee like me these news are reassuring and increase our faith. Further wish to check whether any article, blog or book is being published on experiences with Pudu Periyava. Could find a lot on Paramacharya but none on Pudu Periyava… Can anyone suggest links from authentic sources

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  2. Hello

    It maybe true or it may not be true if This actually happened. It disturbs me to think that we want to sensationalize this in this blog

    If our Acharya has prayed for the pilots release and not sent Prasadam would it diminish his role in our life?

    If our Acharya didn’t even bother to pray would it diminish his role in our life?

    This doesn’t event or it’s description doesn’t seem like genuine love and affection that we usually can sense when somebody narrates their Periyava experience. This one reeks of “see how powerful my Acharya is”. Not much different from the other article today in this blog about Sri Neelakabta Dikshitars kali vitambam

    • Why doubt authenticity of SWAMI sending prasada . Whether it had anything to do with the good news or mere coincidence may be argued but to doubt the incident of swami sending prasada seems to suggest that devotees r liers

    • +Anin. You do have a point. Now that you mentioned it, we can see how such events could be presented in a wrong or not so desirable manner.
      But basically, there seems to have been no intention to sensationalise things, but only to share information within a close circle.
      In our tradition, our Acharyas and others generally pray for the welfare of the country and also for the rulers. eg. Swasti prajapya paripalayantam. This is reflected in the Tamil tradition also: “வேந்தனும் ஓங்குக” In the absence of kings, it now applies to elected governments, and ironically includes governments which may be inimical to Hindu interests! Naturally, such prayers are intended for all branches of the government, including the military.
      In this instance, we do not know whether the Acharya merely expressed his benediction or clearly conveyed that all would be well. We do not know what prompted him to convey the message. He is not bound to do it, and not doing it surely would not reflect on his role.
      The two world wars were fought mainly by Christian nations. People on both sides went to the same denominations of churches, said the same prayers based on the same Book, praying to the same God and his Son or Prophet. But only one side won. Is it a reflection on the Book, or God or his Son? And what could a Pope have done, when he had followers on both sides? Such issues are inscrutable. it is normal people’ s nature to pray when in difficulty. God dispenses things in his own way..
      It was a practice with Sri Pramacharya to send prasadam or some message to some persons on some occasions. For instance, when the atheist Tamil writer Kannadasan was in hospital after an accident, Paramacharya sent him prasadam , when it was not even clear whether Kannadasan would accept it. Such a gesture was not warranted by our reckoning, but Paramacharya had his own reasons.Does it mean he had no concern for the others? Acharyas pray for the welfare of the whole humanity, and all forms of life, including animals and plants. How some attract or deserve some special gestures is beyond our comprehension.
      Now, we do not even know whether the rulers themselves pray, or admit openly they pray, even if they do. Such is the burden of bearing the cross of secularism. When Babu Rajendra Prasad, our first President, decided to visit Somnath when the temple was reconstructed, Nehru objected on the ground that as President of a secular govt, he could not do so. But Rajendra Prasad ignored the objection and went.More than 60 years later, President Abdul Kalam visited Tirupati, and asked the priests there to pray and do puja for the welfare of the country. ( He did not want anything for his person). Now how many other dignitaries do pray for the welfare of the country when they visit temples?
      This is the beauty of our tradition that our Acharyas pray for the welfare of our country and its rulers , as part of their religious duty. Is it wrong to remember this when occasion arises? I think not.

  3. Very good news . Maha Periyava padame charanam.

  4. This is splendid news. An established Mutt with its long lineage of Acharyas as Pontiffs garners and generates its own high spiritual powers which are then conferred on humanity for its welfare, like a mighty transmitter distributes electric power for mundane activities..This is done as a matter of course, without any specific motive, as it is the nature of true Acharyas to bless all. It is for the people and their rulers to take advantage of their presence, at least by being receptive to such intimations of blessings.

    One instance of a negative kind comes to mind. In February 1962, there was the conjunction eight planets which bode ill for the country. Sri Maha Periyava then asked all astikas to recite the verses composed by Jnanasambandha specifically to ward off the ill effects of adverse planetary forces or positions. [ கோளறு பதிகம்] For many of us, it was the first time we came to know about these verses.
    While the faithful gratefully accepted and sincerely complied with this advice, there were people especially politicians who ridiculed the idea of any planetary conjunction or its malefic effects . I specifically remember that Prime Minister Nehru ridiculed Hindu religion and called it “kitchen religion”. [ I was then studying at a Catholic college, and even our principal, an Englishman, said in the morning Assembly that this was wrong] But within a few months, the Chinese attacked India, and the much tom-tomed foreign policy of Nehru collapsed. It may be remembered that the huge area then occupied by the Chinese still remains under their occupation. [ As early as 1949 , when the Chinese first occupied Tibet, Sri Aurobindo had warned that the real object of China was India, and Tibet was only a spring board. But this warning was pooh-poohed by the Prime Minister.]

    While there are any number of gurus, and more are mushrooming in modern times, the long Parampara of established Mutts has its own unique value. It represents an unbroken line of accumulated spiritual effort and benediction employed for the welfare of humanity. It is like our elders leaving for us a huge and growing bank balance! In modern times, Srila Prabhupada of ISKCON boldly and tirelessly told the whole world, in the context of many claiming to be gurus, that the true Guru has to come in a proper Parampara, which he called “Disciplic Succession”. His philosophy of ‘Bhedabheda’ may not be acceptable to all astikas, but the idea of an established Parampara and its value is unexceptionable.

    Such Parampara upholds the standards of true Dharma, whose nuances are hard for the common folk to understand, especially in changing times.

    Vande Guru Paramparam. Vande Guru Paramparam.

  5. What an amazing news. Thanks for sharing. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  6. It is a good news.Kanchimmaha periva THIRUVADIGAL CHARANAM Bharat Matha ki Jai

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