HH Sri Pudhu Periyava’s Pravesam – 1980

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Smt. Sunitha Madhavan for sharing these treasures when HH Pudhu Periyava visited their gruham in 1980. In the first picture we see her husband Shri Madhavan greeting with Poorna Kumbham and in the second picture we see Sri Periyava in their Puja room. Parama Anugraham…..Rama Rama

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  1. Sub:. HH visit in 1980, Smt (Sunita) Madhavan’s
    Poitan Graham…

    May i know which city….The news relates to.

    In 1980 He visited Bombay …..And we were fortunate to receive HH to our building in Sanchar
    Telephone exchange., Shivaji Park., followed by a Bhiksha vasanam at Khat Road,. Sponsored by Khat Bhajan Mandai
    A Memorable vijayam for us.. An occasion to be closer to Jagadguru.

    Kamala & veda narayanan

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