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I want to let you know that I have quit using WhatsApp as it has become more of a distraction than anything lately. People add you to groups without your consent, send 20+ photos in one shot. When you are sitting in a meeting your phone goes crazy. It constantly shows whether you are online or “last seen ” – and if you don’t respond, the sender gets offended. For my personal lifestyle, this tool is truly a headache. Having said that, I did enjoy several good religious, spiritual articles etc but the junk messages outpaced good articles. Anyway, life without it is very peaceful – no regrets – except for missing some of my friends, whom are slowly coming to contact me through other ways. There are few folks like sivacharyars, vaideekas  etc who may not be tech-savvy to use emails etc to communicate. I am figuring out a way to establish communications with them.

I am posting this mainly to let many readers, who used to send me some photos, articles about Periyava know this update. I am so grateful to them for sharing lots of articles.

I request those to email me at sageofkanchi@protonmail.com for any and all articles to be posted in the blog. It becomes easier to go to one place and share those contents with you. Please do not send it via Facebook etc. Slowly, I will be coming out of FB too – not sure how soon.

This is just my experience – your experience could be different. This is my personal choice.


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  1. Dear Sir,Appreciate ur decision.What you said is 100% true.Thanks 4 the update.With regards,Ramani.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. Jai Ma


    Wonderful move.

    While mentioning eminent Vaidikas, would it be possible to make a list of such holy persons in various places, within and outside TN, e.g. Uttara Chidambaram Pathshala, in Pune, in Veda Vigyan Kendra, Barshi, Maharashtra, and others you may know about, who may not be directly associated with SriSri Mahaswami but who still deserve recognition and respect?

    This list could include the acaryas who have taken charge of the various veda pathshalas set up in SriSri Mahaswami’s Name all over Bharatbumi. In this respect, may i please renew a plea to strictly abjure ALL printed material and teach the brahmacharis solely through gurumukhAt? It is how SriSriMahaswami would have wanted the tradition strictly observed: book learning is always like para hasta gatam dhanam, prApta kale samutpannam!

    With much gratitude and pranams,


    Hare Srinivasa

  3. Dear Mahesh,

    If is nice to note about the Samashti upanayanam at the mutt. However if we knew about it, about a month or two in advance, many families would have sent their”Vadus” for the Samashti upanayanam. Now we have to wait for the next one and we do not even know when it will be.

    Advance notification will be very helpful for the needy people.

    Thanks again for the wonderful work and service you are doing.


    S Ramachandran Bangalore


  4. Maha periyava charanam

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