How did Mahaperiyava know that Kulapati Balakrishna Joshi had a fire accident?!


JoshiThousands of devotees from nooks and corners of the country and of the world throng at Kanchi day after day to have darshan of His Holiness Sri Paramacharya of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, mingling softly with the swelling crowd and bidding their turn in supreme peace.

They do so unmindful of difficulties and inconveniences because they intuitively realize that He is a visibly perennial reservoir of divine grace and gaze of His will flood their minds with tranquility becoming crystallized into an invisible talisman. Ardent spirits that resolve to visit sacred shrines like Kashi, Rameshwaram and Tirupati, go to these holy spots, fulfil their vows and come back home satisfied, with their minds at rest. But, in the case of our Divine Paramacharya, the irrepressible longing to have yet a glance of His spiritual personality again and again, brightens into a radiant element of their aspiration. They feel strongly that…

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