Divine paintings Smt Uma Sivakumar with Her guidance!

Thanks to Smt Saraswathi Thiagarahan mami for the share. Smt Uma Sivakumar lives in California and she is a blessed person to get initiated into Devi upasana even when she was too young by Swami Shanthanandha Swamigal.

As you all could see the paintings are outstanding. It seems that Smt Uma gets very minute directions from ambal Herself for all her pictures – so blessed! For all the paintings, she only takes 30 Mts without any break – clearly, this is not humanly possible to do this with this level of perfection. Particularly look at Sri Chakram – drawing it normally would take hours – that too with painting, accuracy etc – is quite an astonishing task.

We applaud Smt Uma for her wonderful work. We welcome her to the blog and look forward to seeing more of her works!

Om Shri Matre Namaha!

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  1. Truly Divine.

  2. Amazing paintings👌🙏🌺 so blessed

  3. fantastic, blessed soul

  4. OMG!! Great! Directions from Ambal and 30 mins. for painting!!! Amazing!! what to say. No word to express!!

  5. Om Sri mathre namaha! Sri mathre namaha!
    Wonderful divinely vibrant divinely inspired blessed soul’s creativity. Sri mathre namaha! Namaskaram!!!

  6. Wow…… Gifted hands ! Born to serve for Alimighty. One in Crores ! Be blessed by Maha Swamy!

  7. Excellent works !

    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara..

  8. Fantastic paintings. No words. God bless the talent.

  9. Spell-binding — to say the least. A must see for everyone. My humble pranams to Smt Uma and her Guru.

  10. Such souls are already embedded with the images in their minds and that flow as statues paintings or poems whatever be the form of expression. Like what Sri Ramakrishna says not all the seeds of a banyan tree grow into another tree.

  11. Vow really awesome paintings. Jaya Jaya shankara Hara Hara shankara.

  12. Great work

  13. Really great
    Splendid work
    Ambal kadaksham paripooranam
    Feast for eyes
    MahaPeriyava ARUL

    • Excellent Particularly we are able to see the ” கருணைand பரிபூரண சாந்தம் .in the picture of MAHAPERIYAVA. .GOOD LUCK


  1. Divine paintings Smt Uma Sukumar with Her guidance! – Site Title

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