Periyava Golden Quotes Codification

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

Below is the codification of Periyava Golden Quotes that have been published so far.

1. Assorted Periyava Quotes – 1-91 numbers
2. Deivathin Kural – Vol 2-Brahmacharyam Section Quotes 92-166 numbers
3. Deivathin Kural – Vol 1-Karma Margam Section Quotes 167-211 numbers
4. Deivathin Kural – Vol 3-Paropagaram Section Quotes 212-398 numbers
5. Deivathin Kural – Vol 3-Than Kaiye Thankku Udhavi Section Quotes 399-443 numbers
6. Deivathin Kural – Vol 3-Sikkanamum Paropagaramum Section Quotes 444-460 numbers
7. Deivathin Kural – Vol 3-Aacharam Section Quotes 461-526 numbers
8. Deivathin Kural – Vol 3-Madhaacharathin Utpirivugal Section Quotes 527-566 numbers
9. Deivathin Kural – Vol 3-Aachaara Vishayangal Section Quotes 567-752 numbers
10. Deivathin Kural – Vol 3-Aachaaramum Aagaramum Section Quotes 753-932 numbers
11. Deivathin Kural – Vol 3-Upavasam Section Quotes 933-987 numbers
12. Deivathin Kural – Vol 3-Mounam Section Quotes 988-1018 numbers

All these Golden Quotes can be accessed by clicking on the “Golden Quotes” tag in the tag section (which is below the “Important Links”) on right hand section of the blog. Apart from copying and pasting in a document, we can share all these quotes through various social media tools (FB, Twitter, etc.) and e-mail as well by using the buttons at the bottom of every post. Rama Rama

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  1. Sir, it would be of great help if you could compile all the Golden quotes of the same topic in one page itself.

    I usually am unable to read them as posted, but once in a way, I get around to reading many in one go.

    On these occasions, it is a hassle to go back and forth from the index to the page.

    If the content is compiled you n one page, based on Language, ie. Tamil on one page and English on one, it would be of great help.

    Thanks very much for bringing this to us.


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