Mahirmalai Temple – Kumbabishekam in March 17th

It has been a great blessing for Smt Mahalakshmi Mami that great temples that are very famous and very ancient temples that are not known to us are identified to her by Mahaperiyava Himself to get Kumbabishekam done. Equally we all are also blessed to participate in whatever small way that we could in those activities. In Tamil there is a famous saying “poovoda sernthu naarum manakkum”! I couldnt resist thinking about that saying as we get lot of punyam because of Mami’s association – all Periyava Kripai!

If you recall, in 2016/17, we joined hands with Smt Mahalakshmi mami to do kumabishekam for Lakshmeeswarar-Karkeeswarar temple in Kanchipuram. With His blessings, kumbabishekam went well and both the Periyavas attended the event.

Now with His blessings, another very old temple that is in a very bad shape is undergoing  renovation and planned for Kumbabhishekam in March. This temple is called Mahirmalai temple and swami’s name is Sri Chandramouleeswarar temple. Ambal is called as Annapurni. The last known event/kumbabishekam for the temple was done by Mahaperiyava – may be 50+ years ago, I guess. The last kumbabishekam for those temples were done by Mahaperiyava Himself. Periyava stayed at this place to get darshan of moondram pirai. It is a such a blessing for mami to take up this temple for renovation.

I have enclosed the sthalapuranam, photos and invitation for the kumbabishekam. Look at ambal’s eyes in the photos – it is so divine and powerful!

Please reach out to mami (9840053289) to know more about how you can participate in this kumbabishekam. There is very little time for this kumbabhishekam. If you are around Tanjore area, please attend this kumbabhishekam.

Our namaskaram to Annapurni maatha sametha Chandramouleeswarar Swami!

Periyava Sharanam!

 Mahirmalai Temple 

This temple is about 25 kms from Kumbakonam on Kumbakonam ammampettai road and is about 4 kms from Avalivanallur Satchinathar temple (a padal petra sthalam) 

Lord Siva name : Chandramouleeswarar 

Ambal name : Annapoorani 

This unique temple, which is in ruins now, with a unique name of Chandramouleswarar also holds three more unique things attached to it. 

  • The moondram pirai Chandran which is considered auspicious of removal of mental worries, is considered to be part of this Shivan; Here Lord shiva adorns moondram pirai Chandran as malai. 
  • Ambal came in human form here to undertake annadhanam. 
  • Lord Krishna before adorning the Abhijit star in his crown, he performed shiva poojai here. 
  • The only place where during pournami, the moon stops here for a minute, for offering prayers to Lord Shiva 
  • Saint Agastya saw the moondram pirai on earth for the first time here 
  • Lord Krishna gave darisanam to Venkata kavi for the first time here 
  • Thumbai poo, which are considered extremely auspicious for Lord Shiva and is supposed to bestow salvation on people who shower Lord Shiva with these flowers, are present in abundance amongst the ruins of the temple; and 
  • Sri Sri Mahaperiaava is supposed to have carried out poojai here, had darisanam of monndram pirai here as well as done kumbabhishegam of this temple as per the village elderly   

We were fortunate to be approached by the people of the village for restoring this temple and carrying out kumbabhishegam of the same. Towards this with the blessings of periaavaa and ammai appan the kumbhabhishegam of this temple is scheduled for on March 17, 2019. 

Please contact Smt Mahalakshmi Subramanian (9840053289) for more information.




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  1. Saubhagyam

  2. Thank you for this blog, sir. I will also contribute to this bank account. I loved reading the history of the temple and I hope to visit the temple very soon.

    Thanks to Mahalakshmi Maami and to all of you for discovering and preserving our heritage.

    With all good wishes,

  3. Bank details
    A/c name – Sri Mahalakshmi Charitable Trust
    A/c no. – 074010100631839
    Bank – Axis Bank
    Branch – Ramapuram, Chennai 600089
    IFS Code – UTIB0000074
    Savings bank account.
    Note: Our trust is authorised to accept Indian currency only.

  4. Thanks Mahesh. Please share the account details here once you receive it.

  5. jaya Jaya SANKARA Hara Hara SANKARA. Janakiraman Nagapattinam

  6. Excellent I am happy for the effort that you and Mami have taken

  7. Can you provide the bank account details Sri Mahesh, into which we can contribute our humble mite? Thank you.

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