Mooka Pancha Shathi Mahimai

Thanks to Sriram from Perth to send me this beautiful photo that shows the aradhana puja of Sri Govinda Damodara Swamigal and a message from Mahaperiyava about Mooka Pancha Shathi.

For non-tamil readers – keep reading Mooka Pancha Shathi 5 times fully – one would get gnanam and truth will be revealed!

Periyava Sharanam

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  1. good on you SriRam — Well done — when I saw photo I saw somewhere — then your name was mentioned good. MahaPerioyava charanam Sharaanm — You are the inspiration for me to learn — Altest 1 slogham need to be learned and said in front of Kamakshi

  2. Very beautiful. Can someone send me this picture of Swamigal and his handwriting. I want to frame it. Please send it to

  3. Had a blissful time at Swamigal adhishtanam yesterday (3rd February 2019) celebrating Swamigal aradhana. Yes. Swamigal was so fond of mooka pancha shathi.

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