Sample video of priest abuse by temple authorities

It was very painful to watch this TV clippings on how badly our priests are treated and the main purpose of sharing this here is to explore some guidelines / protection for temple priests for them to channelize their grievances and receive legal support to them – may be Sri TR Ramesh can throw some lights here….

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  1. Extremely pained to see this…how will rains come when even the Archakas are ill-treated?

  2. Sorry to see the plight of Archaka and the people around Temple. Will Govt intervene to set right and follow agamavithi and other practices regularly followed.

  3. Please contact with all the details to the News X English channel and they will ensure that suitable action is taken all the culprits. The channel is doing great service by exposing the loot of Temples by the politicians and the Govt: officials. Jai HInd.

  4. It is very sad to see such incidents & one more example is a case of Srisailam temple pujari .. in andhra pradesh. EO misled the media..

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