“There is no use of doing upanyasam” says Mahaperiyava

This was the farewell speech given by Mahaperiyava on the last day at Sanskrit college before leaving Chennai after a long stay. This is not a new audio – I’ve listened to this already. I thought I shared earlier but couldn’t find any post. So sharing with you all. Thanks to Sri Ganapathy Subramanian for the share.

Don’t miss this – it is only 25 mts long. He emphasizes the point that following the teachings of our religion is the only action that we need to do and not just keep talking/bragging about it.

It is beyond human comprehension to think of a Mahan to show extreme humility. He says “if eswara gives me any power someday  to do anugraham to all of you, I will surely do it” ! Only Mahaperiyava can say this!

It was very interesting to note that when I uploaded this audio track into mixcloud, it automatically brought the above photo as the cover photo – normally one has to manually upload the photo – I have no idea how it happened! For my own convenience I will think that He blessed all of us.

Periyava Sharanam!


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  1. Respected Mahesh Mahodaya,

    I’ve sent a message to you on Facebook, with a humble request for guidance. This will be a great blessing that will lead me to Vedanta. Please help me with that, as you can help me achieve the means. Narayana!

  2. I felt this is Mahaperiyava way of saying – sarvadharmaan parithyajya maam ekam sharanam vraja. Have explained that further here http://valmikiramayanam.in/?p=4293

  3. Respected Mahesh Sir,
    Please enlighten me by sharing the procedure for Panchasankhyopacharini…. Had read about it in a story of a paati and her grand daughter ….retta -vari chain….. Either you may share it here or kindly mail it 🙏

    • Panchasankhyopacharini meaning Ambal is fond of offerings made to her in multiples of five. The lady in the vignette did five pradakshinams, five archanas and offered fruits and flowers in multiples of five, and did it on five Fridays (this is my recollection). I’m sure any or all of these would please Ambal in the spirit of supplicating her with multiples of five.

  4. Can someone provide the translation please?

  5. Great and Shri MahaPeriyava Charanam.

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