“There is no use of doing upanyasam” says Mahaperiyava

This was the farewell speech given by Mahaperiyava on the last day at Sanskrit college before leaving Chennai after a long stay. This is not a new audio – I’ve listened to this already. I thought I shared earlier but couldn’t find any post. So sharing with you all. Thanks to Sri Ganapathy Subramanian for the share.

Don’t miss this – it is only 25 mts long. He emphasizes the point that following the teachings of our religion is the only action that we need to do and not just keep talking/bragging about it.

It is beyond human comprehension to think of a Mahan to show extreme humility. He says “if eswara gives me any power someday  to do anugraham to all of you, I will surely do it” ! Only Mahaperiyava can say this!

It was very interesting to note that when I uploaded this audio track into mixcloud, it automatically brought the above photo as the cover photo – normally one has to manually upload the photo – I have no idea how it happened! For my own convenience I will think that He blessed all of us.

Periyava Sharanam!


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5 replies

  1. Respected Mahesh Mahodaya,

    I’ve sent a message to you on Facebook, with a humble request for guidance. This will be a great blessing that will lead me to Vedanta. Please help me with that, as you can help me achieve the means. Narayana!

  2. I felt this is Mahaperiyava way of saying – sarvadharmaan parithyajya maam ekam sharanam vraja. Have explained that further here http://valmikiramayanam.in/?p=4293

  3. Respected Mahesh Sir,
    Please enlighten me by sharing the procedure for Panchasankhyopacharini…. Had read about it in a story of a paati and her grand daughter ….retta -vari chain….. Either you may share it here or kindly mail it 🙏

  4. Can someone provide the translation please?

  5. Great and Shri MahaPeriyava Charanam.

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