Periyava aaradhanai special

Pranams to Maha Periyavaa

As Periyavaa devotees, the two special occasions we all look forward to is Maha periyavaa Jayanthi (vaikasi anusham) and Maha Periyava aaradhanai (Dhanur masa  Krishna Dwadasi). This year we have Aaradhanai day coming along with anusham which is an added bonus

We@ Periyavaa radio are fully geared up for this special event in the calendar and have scheduled a 11 hr special program that includes :

Experience about Shri Maha Periyava from his No 1 Devotee – HH Pudhu Periayava – don’t miss this. This bring out Pudhu periyavaa’s guru bakthi like no other and a sterling example of how we should all be devoted to the guru

and Maha Periayava mahimai by one of the staunchest periyavaa devotees who was called 64th Nayanmar by Periyavaa himself- Pradosham mama

We also have other devotees experiences and also a special Pancharatnan on Periyavaa by Sm Rukmani Ramani

We also have other devotional songs, bhajans, veda chanting etc

May this aradhana day bring out our stauncg devotion to our Maha Periyavaa and may we all be continue to be blessed by his aparaa karunai

Jaya Jaya shankara ! Jara Hara shankara !




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