Tiruvempavai, Mahaperiyava at Sri Rajarajeswari Peetam, Rochester, NY

As Sri Maha Periyavaa re-kindled the Thiruvempavai movement, Rochester temple has been following for the last 25 or more years under the guidance of Sri Aiya. It is quite heartening to see that there are some places even outside of India where certain traditions are followed without compromise with the pure bakthi towards swami and Mahaperiyava.
The picture was taken after the Deepa Araadhanai is attached.
Thanks to Sri Venkatasubramanian for the photo share.

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  1. Excellent Darshan.
    After all, Devotion is what matters most in any form of worship.
    People in Rochester seems to have that in plenty.
    May Mahaperiyava Bless them all.

  2. Wonderful, absolutely inspiring.

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