Sri Natarajar abishekam in Satara!

Thanks to Sri Shiv Simha for the share

Kalashabhishekam to Shivakamasundari and Ananda Nataraja at Uttara Chidambaram at Satara. This temple was visioned by Periyava as Satara has the confluence of 2 rivers: Vena and krishna.

Periyava personally addressed every challenge in constructing the temple including each brick according to the agama shastras! For one of the sculptures he gave reference of an idol in Indonesia!

By his grace, the Chief Ministers of 4 Southern states as well as Maharashtra donated the 4 gopurams and wood for the temple!

The temple houses shrines to mahaganapati, Anjayena, Radha-Krishna, Umadevi-Moolanatheshwara, navagraha, Adi Shankara and Ayyapan.

Periyava says “ardra ” means wet, so by offering abhishekam to Ambal and Swami on this holy day of ardra nakshatram they will make us wet with their love and blessings.

Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara

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