Orikkai Manimandapam Aradhana Mahotsvam

On behalf of Orikkai manimandapam and Sri Vignesh Studio, I am pleased to invite you all for the aradhana of Mahaperiyava on Jan 2nd. This will be the first aradhana event going to be done in Orikkai manimandapam. Sri Mani mama has given a very simple plan to Sri Kumar of Vignesh Studios to do this event without compromising anything for Mahaperiyava. Please make every attempt to go to Kanchipuram to attend aradhana at Sri Matam and Orikkai.

Also please contact Sri Kumar for offering your support for the event.

Mahaperiyava Sharanam!

Orikkai Aradhana Invitation.jpeg

Aaradhanai Orikkai 2018_Page_1Aaradhanai Orikkai 2018_Page_2Aaradhanai Orikkai 2018_Page_3Aaradhanai Orikkai 2018_Page_4

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