Delaware Valley Asthika Mandali – An introduction

Hats off to the core committee of Delaware valley asthika mandali Sabha (Aravindh, Vignesh and Somasundaram) for taking initiative in setting up a satsang structure in a place where there is no well-established satsangs….This is exactly what Sri (Bala) Periyava has been talking about. It should not be only doing 4-5 key events (like aradhana/jayanthi etc) in an year – it should be much more broader. It is a community service and involve all community folks and be there for all their needs for all occasions.

All Indians residing in this area should take advantage of this satsang.

Periyava Sharanam!

The Delaware Valley Asthika Mandali (DVAM) was started in the Delaware Valley Area in February 2018 with the anugraham of Acharyas and Bhagavan Sri Krishna. As part of this divine initiative, our Mandali volunteers will come to your house (in and around Delaware Valley Area) on your request do and do a sampoorna parayana of Vishnu Sahasranama and few other stotras as per the parayana krama and a laghu pooja at your home along with a reading of Deivattin Kural (Voice of God in English) containing Kanchi Mahaswami’s upadeshas.

What is the aim of our Mandali?

➢To keep up with our age old traditions of performing pooja and Sahasranama Parayana at our homes regularly as Shrimannarayana is Pratyaksha in this yuga.

➢To inculcate our Acharya’s upadesha in our daily lives and create a positive vibration in our homes along with good thoughts/sadbhava in our minds.

➢Pass on our traditions and culture to future generations and our kids in the way our fore fathers have done.

➢Make our community aware of the greatness of Sahasranamam and other stotras through group chanting and create a sathsangam for our future generations.

Next time, when you have a wedding anniversary or birthday or if you buy a house or have any other occasion or want a positive vibration in your house,consider arranging this pooja/parayana at your home.

We need each and every ones help in spreading the word about our mandali to your family and friends and to make this mandali serve its purpose and to enable us to continue this sathsangam every month.

A few words about the importance of Sahasranama:

After the Mahabharatha war, Yudhishthira the eldest Pandava was made the king. His first job was to visit

grand-sire Bhishma who was lying on a bed of arrows waiting to give up his body. The Pandavas along with

Srikrishna approached Bhishma and Yudhishthira asked six important questions:

1) Who (kim) is the one greatest (ekam) Lord (daivatam) in the world (loke)?

2) Who is the one (ekam) refuge (paraayanam) for all?

3) By glorifying Whom can humans attain auspiciousness?

4) By worshipping whom can a human reach auspiciousness?

5) What is the greatest of Dharma?

6) By doing what japa can “creatures” break the bonds of samsara?

The result of this is the flow of Vishnu Sahasranama from the lips of Bheeshma.

The Satsangam takes place on 3rd / 4th Saturday of every month (based on logistics and weekend / availability of volunteers). All you have to do is to sign up for this at your homes in advance using SignUpGenuis.

Those who wish to join the mandali / volunteer may contact: Aravindh (484-886-5514) Vignesh (201-702-3618) Somasundaram (302-685-7222) via Whatsapp/Text or Email us at:

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  1. A great Initiative.
    I Pray to Mahaperiyava to Bless these noble venture with great success.

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