Kanchi Mahaswami Festival 2018 – SIES – Mumbai – Dec 22

Thanks to Sri Guruvayurappan for sharing this beautiful material. We all have seen in the news about very eminent people from different fields are awarded by Sri Kanchi Matam on an annual basis. I am seeing a full invitation – extraordinarily well-prepared – for the first time.

This annual event sponsored by SIES South Indian Education Society in Mumbai organized by Sri Matam Devotee Dr. V. Shankar.

All are invited to attend. It seems there are some specific process to get seated for the event that requires RSVP etc.


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  1. This is a wonderful event. Thanks for posting. I found a slip by SIES in the DOB of Dr Manmohan Singh – the year is erroneously mentioned as 932 in place of 1932.

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