Rare speech of Mahaperiyava from Madurai Sadas


Thanks Professor for the share. Sharing this on auspicious guruvaram. Periyava speaks about 30 mts or so. As usual, He brings out so many unknown things for us. Some I noted down:

  • How the name “Nammazhvar” came?
  • How the word “Perumal” came?
  • Difference between good people and siddha purusha/mahans! – Hear it from our mahan!
  • Kanna Pinna – is a Mahabharatha Tatwam!
  • Toast before eating/drinking!!
  • Importance of neiveidhyam – only way to remove poverty from our land!
  • Why we have bells in temples?

Don’t listen only to Periyava speech – listen to others as well. Although we couldnt figure out whos talking, it is clear that there are some well learned men in sastras, some minister and others. It is interesting how in those days all were deeply interested in preserving our culture, tradition etc and talk very highly about preserving, maintaining our temples, which is the only way to strengthen our sanatana dharma. I think the person who speaks before Periyava is Sri P.T.Rajan or i could be wrong too. He says that he is from Karnakataka – it could be someone else.

I see this message only as a way of reminding us all on our part to support, participate and be involved in several temple renovation projects, supporting Sivacharyars etc in the future.

Periyava Sharanam

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  1. When this Madurai Sadas took place ? year, month and date if possible….

  2. isnt pt rajan justice party associated member? I have so much doubt how he became more pious towards gods

  3. Sir
    Please consider sharing downloadable link
    These shall be ever green treasures

  4. Mahesh, can you please share the audio in downloadable form?

  5. There are people like me who are hearing impaired. For us a TRANSCRIPT or summary of speech will help

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