Rare Opportunity – Tiruvanaikka Kumbabishekam

Thiruvanaikkaval Akilandeswari

Dear devotees,

Sai has been posting about this kumbabishekam for some time now. Our Bharatha bhoomi is filled with so many great kshetrams. Out of all some are very important. Tiruvanaikka Akhilandeswari-Jambukeswarar is one such temple. Both from Saiva and Shakta worship, this temple has great significance – Lord Shiva represents the water element in pancha bootham and ambal represents Varahi in Srividya tatvam. Akhilandeswari is wearing Sri Chakram as thadangam in this kshetram. The beauty of ambal is beyond words – no one wants to leave Her sannidhi – ever. Her mesmerizing smile and the karunyam in Her eyes will just make you freeze there! She is the mother of all – all our wishes are granted right at Her sannidhi.

With the blessings of Sri Periyava this kumbabishekam has been progressing well and now we are at the most important juncture of the final kimbabishekam and it is a great opportunity for us all to attend. For me, I belong to Trichy and for all devotees from Trichy – Akhilandeswari is everything to us. Unfortunately, I am unable to participate in this great opportunity. However, I want all of you readers to take part in this kumbabishekam. Unlike those days, driving to Trichy is a half a day affair. We spend so much money in so many things – taking part in some of these events are important. I encourage all devotees in TN to take part in this mahotsvam.

I am attaching the Srimukam given by Mahaperiyava in 1970 when kumbabishekam was done here – just to give a historical reference (Thanks Sri Ganapathysubramaniam). As Smt Mahalakshmi mami mentioned, we may or may not get the opportunity to see another one in our lifetime. So, dont miss this.

I am also attaching a small video to welcome you all for the event.

When you attend, always pray our dear mother Akhilandeswari for loka kshemam  – at difficult times like this, we need Her blessings to uphold the values and tradition of sanatana dharma.

Our sincere thanks to all the key organizers of the kumbabishekam and special thanks to Smt Mahalakshmi mami in taking the lead in this whole event under the guidance of all three acharyas!

Aum Shri Matraye Namaha!


Watch the first 10-12 mts of this video to see mami’s invitation to all of us.

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  1. Is there anyone from this group collecting contributions towards the kumbabhishegam? If so, would you be kind enough to provide details? Thank you.

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