More rare photos of Mahaperiyava

Thanks to Sri Halasya Sundaram Iyer for sharing these photos in FB. Very interesting to see how he is blessed to get all these photos! Looks like i need to go Tirunelveli to find that out 🙂 Many, to me, look unseen before. Hence sharing with you all.

Periyava sharanam!


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  1. Am getting unexpressed nice feeling while looking into Paramachaarya’s moorthy. Thanks a lot for sharing many unseen photos of paramacharya..

    Jaya Jaya Sankara.. Hara Hara Sankara..

  2. Really Rare photos and very nice ones indeed. Periyava Sharanam.

  3. என்னை பார்க்கிறது அவ்வளவு சுலபமில்லை மகேஷ் கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி சார்வாள். நான் த்ரிலோக சஞ்சாரி மாதிரி. ஒரு இடத்துல உட்காரமாட்டேன்.

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