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Ever since the blog was started, the number of emails I started to get on a daily basis increased significantly. At this point, I can’t send/receive emails at my current email id ( Now, it has reached a point that I need to start paying for more space to Google, which I am not interested in doing so.  Instead I would pay that to a growing email provider, who will not spy on me 🙂

So, going forward, please contact me at “sageofkanchi at“. please replace the word “at” with “@” when you email me. I will keep this post sticky for some time.

Periyava Sharanam!

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  1. Mahesh Garu, you did not update this new email ID at your ‘About’ page. It would be help for new visiters here.

  2. The Maha Periyava blog is a useful platform to learn more about our Hindu traditions and how Kanchi Acharya strove to uphold our Vedic values. It will be rewarding if you provide more real-life accounts of how Maha Periyava brought a renaissance effect to Hindu religion and its ripple effects on the Indian society.

  3. Ok noted the change. Thanks.

    • Hello Ms vimala ramani. Are you by any chance living in California and daughter of Shri parasuraman and smt Saraswati?
      I’m late Sri Annadurai iyengar’s grand daughter and daughter of smt susheela. My name is kousalya.

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