Kanchi MaaMunivar by Sri Ganesa Sarma – Sai TV

Thanks to Sri Karthi for the FB share. Here is the link to all 70 episodes of Mahaperiyava’s chairthram in Youtube.

The first episode starts with Sri Periyava’s anugrahabashanam followed by Sri Sarmaji’s introduction and starting with Mahaperiyava’s jananam. I hope Sai TV retains these videos for a long time in Youtube.


Periyava Sharanam


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4 replies

  1. At present am in Sydney, listening to this said TV program. SarmaJi’s every experience with Mahaperiva is wonderful. It opens my eyes, heart.

    Namaskarams to Sarma Ji

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing the link
    Periyava Saranam.

  3. Thanks to Sri Karthi N & Mahesh for sharing the link. It is a nice coincidence that the page has the cover photo of sri. Ganesa sharma mama standing along with Sri Sri MahaPeriyava!

  4. No words to express my surprise and joy on receiving this mail today morning. I’ve been following these episodes since a couple of weeks and it was only yesterday that I thought how nice it would be if I could watch all those that I missed. Thank you very much

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