Mayilarangam village – Mahaperiyava blessed village

Thanks to Sri Gopalan for sharing Annabishekam photos from Mayilarangam, where Mahaperiyava stayed in 1950s!

Beautiful darshan of swami and ambal.

Is there any place that Mahaperiyava not visited?! Blessed are those people who witnessed those great moments.

Thennadudaya Sivane/Periyava Potri!

Tempted by the nice photos of Gangaikondacholapuram Annabhishekam published by you, I am proud to share photos of grand Annabhishekam done at our native village Mayilrangam on 24th at Sri Mangalambika sametha Sri Mayuranathaswamy temple. The village on the banks of Kollidam river is near Valadi in Tiruchi District.
Our village is very much blessed by Mahaperiava. I am told he stayed there at late Sri Muthuswamy Iyer’s house and performed puja for 10 days in 1956. He is also said to have consecrated the Pradosha Utsava Murthis in our temple in the 60s which are still preserved in the temple. Incidentally late Sri Muthuswamy Iyer’s family are the hereditary trustees of the temple and the temple activities are still being conducted in a grand manner by his grandsons S/Sri Mayuranathan, Natarajan, Krishnamurthy and Vaidyanathan. Sri Vaidyanathan (Vaithi) continues to stay in the village and plays a vital role in the temple activities.
I am again happy to share with you photos of the precious Pradosha Murthis blessed by Mahaperiava and Mahaperiava ‘s portrait displayed in the temple premises.

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  1. Pls kovil contact number. My no 9790601226

  2. Maailrangam Kongi Amman temple , saptha Madha Temple.
    all prayers will be answered .

  3. please let me know how to reach this place. I am from Chennai. Every time out of Chennai we make it a point to visit atleast one Temple we have not had Dharshan. I am planning this time to be around trichy. Thank you.

    • sorry for delayed in replying
      sir.. if you are coming by train get down in Lalgudi Station. form there taxis available charges around Rs.400/
      if you are coming from Trichy take cab and in Lalgudi route .. You have to enter thro Pachampatti Arch from there 5 kms to Mailrangam temple.
      town buses also available from Chatram bus stand./ Lalgudi bus stand Bus No 93 C and 75 for any doubt please mail me K chandrasekar

  4. Nice. Milerangam is our poorveeham.

  5. how to reach Mayilrangam from trichy junction-please guide.thanks

  6. What a blessed village! Although physically not, but I am mentally travelling there. Jaya Jaya Shankara…. Hara Hara Shankara….

  7. அருமையான கிராமம். ஆறு ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன் மயிலரங்கம் மலர் ஒன்றை அடியேன் தயாரித்துக் கொடுத்தேன். இங்குள்ள கொங்கி அம்மன் பலரது குலதெய்வம். மிகவும் சக்தி வாய்ந்தவள். இந்த சிவாலய கும்பாபிஷேக விழாவில் கலந்து கொண்டு சொற்பொழிவாற்றி இருக்கிறேன். பழைய நினைவுகள். நன்றி அன்னாபிஷேக திருக்காட்சிக்கு. பெரியவா சரணம்.

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