Kashi – The eternal city

Someone forwarded me this video over the weekend. I sat and watched the whole video. It is such a well-created documentary that every Hindu should watch and know the glory of Varanasi. Not just for Kasi, for any kshetram, one should understand the importance of the place to enjoy the beauty of it. Based on the explanation given, what a meticulous and divine planning had taken place when this city is formed. Like he says, Kasi existed even before Greece or Rome existed – when someone talks about history, this is history – we are not talking about 2000+ year old history. We are talking about history that can’t even be defined by time and space. As per him, the oldest iconography of Lord shiva is dated back 12000 years back. Isn’t it amazing! Hats-off to the producer/director for bringing lot of visual demonstration of facts to make it easier to understand.

I wish I did my homework before going there. Maybe it is time for me to go there again!

Don’t miss! There are lots of important details in the video on the design of the city, the kind of parikrama one could do there etc.

P.S – if you don’t like him, don’t watch. I love Kasi. It is important to know about this place. I am thinking there are many folks like me here in the blog. Mahaperiyava never advocated hatred towards anyone. I am not his follower/subscriber to his videos etc. At the same time, I have nothing against him too. I don’t know much about him too. There are so many swamijis in India – to me, he is one among them. I suggest not wasting your and my time in writing comments against this post. thanks in advance.

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  1. Got a deeper insight about the most revered kaashi…And thru it a hint about Kaanchi. That’s because once Mahaaperiyava asked some people including one of my relatives “kaashikum kaanchikkum ennada vithyaasam?” As everyone stared blank he replied ” inch thaan da vithyaasam(word play)”. Thanks for the share. And yes as you said it’s of greater purpose when we learn the sthala purana before visiting a kshetra – any for that matter. Shri Muthuswami Deekshitar’s kritis are great in that way..They act as a crisp touring guide but there’s always more to unravel

  2. I entirely agree with Sri Mahesh. In my humble opinion what Sri Jaggi Vasudev-ji has done is impossible unless one has a certain amount of divine backing. “Not a blade of grass moves without him”. Let us take the grain of what is good in this video and ignore the chaff of ignorant comments.

  3. We should respect he views of elders and irrespective of age hear and obey wholesomeadviceEveryone is a mixture of good and bad elements and like Swan we should imbibe good thoughts

  4. RAGA DVESHA -( virupum veruppum verukka thakkana )- oruvar peril ulla virupu matravar peril verupagirathu – ithu engum epoothum ellaridamum irukirathu – pidithavar solvathai appadiye sari
    engirom – pidikathavar enna sonathulm thavaru engirom –
    who ever may be Guru, inda virupu verupain kadanthu nvaranum

  5. Dear Mahesh Garu

    In spite of your request that not to write anything about Satguru but to watch only the content about Kashi, a few still spill their hatred comments here (as I anticipated). It is nothing but thier ignorance on wordly things. For them, Shubham Bhuyaat!


    Maha Periva Charanam Sharanam….. Jaya Jaya Shankara…. Hara Hara Shankara…..

  6. Truth speaks for Itself in the very Embodiment that It manifest Itself that is Maha Periyava. The Simplicity of Everything Simple and Pure. Not everything that glitters is gold….but sadly in India, “the Golden Rule is:- Whoever Has The Gold…Rules.” People are so attracted to Fame and Fortune even in spirituality, the more pomp the person is…the deeper…his or her spiritual depth must be…in their thinking…Look at Great Souls like Sri Ramana Maharishi and Sri Maha Periyava….do I need to say more?. Each to their own, I guess.

  7. It is not SathGuru or any other swami. The real MATERIAL ISSUE : (i) am i, any way better contributor to humankind + nature than the person whom i hate / abuse? (ii) Has that person directly done any harm to me? The real SPIRITUAL issue : Am i hating that person’s body or mind or thought process or value system or impact on society? The first four doesn’t affect us. When it comes to SOCIETAL IMPACT, are we the right person to judge ? ANd if we are right, can we do something positive . MAHAPERIYAVA’s time incidentally coincided with that of EV Ramasamy naicker Periyar. But instead of condemning Periyar, Mahaperiyava was instrumental in HUGE RESURGENCE of sanatana dharma. Even in our office, i see our topman – no matter some individuals are object of hatred of all others due to their ego, selfishness and so on,the top man just visualises whether that person can contribute to growth of company. I am writing this to keep reminding myself than preaching others. – i too fall prey to 6 enemies as a human and every time i remind myself of great people who contribute in spite of all odds

  8. Respected Sir, Please do not include unwanted person in our Sage of Kanchi Family. There is only one Guru to us that is Sri Kanchi Maha Swami only. Sri Maha Swami himself elaborate enormous of importance of Kasi skhetram in his discourse, if possible please includethat. sorry for my quote.

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