Kumaramalai Sri Bala Dhandayuthapani Swamy – My kula dheivam

Thanks to my father who shared this link with me. Apparently Pudhu Yugam TV did a beautiful video coverage of this temple. This kshetram is not known to many – small but beautiful temple. Lord Subrahmanyar is so beautiful to look and you wont feel like leaving that place. Given that this place is not like Tiruchendur etc, devotees get to have darshan to our heart’s content. We know the Gurukkal’s family for several decades and they are so dedicated in puja etc.

This place is 45 mts from Trichy, 15 mts from Pudukottai. If you happen to go this place, you can also go to Kudumiyanmalai, which is 20 mts from here, Avudayar Kovil, about 30 mts from here and Tirupunavasal, which is another 30 mts from Avudayar Kovil. These are all great kshetrams. I am sure there are more places to see nearby.

P.S – I have not seen the Gurukkal in the video.

Sri Bala Dhandayuthapanikku Arohara!

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  1. It is our Kualdeivam too. Every year used to go during the Kandha Sasti festival. They do daily homam and annadham every day during this period. The Homam, abhishekam and pooja are wonderful to watch. The Baladhantayudha pani swamy is very mesmerizing. If you see him once he will attract you so much that you will surely want to see him again and again. Om Saravana Bhava. .

  2. kumaramalai gurukkal’s name and contact number kidaikuma;how to reach from trichy junction-please guide

    • Kumaramalai Gurukkal Balaji. 94427 40976
      From Trichy take bypass road to Pudukottai and take a right turn at Pudukottai junction towards Manapparai road In four Kms there will be another junction and take a left turn . You will see temple arch in one km on your left . It is exactly 59 Kms from Trichy bus stand . There are buses and autos from Pudukottai bus stand
      Ramadoss S

  3. This temple on a hillock, near Pudukkottai, we had visited. The shrine is kuladeivam to my mother-in-law whose father, my wife’s grandpa, took initiative to arrange the travel, stay and other things for us. From Pudukkottai, it is a long-winding road, a bumpy, rickety travel at certain stretches. A couple of ponds below the hillock were bone dry during our visit and my mother-in-law felt really bad about it. But still the view looked spectacular with nearby villages sporting a sprinkling of mud houses and rudimentary structures.

  4. Our Kuladeivam. I have been visiting for more than 40 years and as you rightly said Shri Ramaiah Gurukkal and family are very dedicated .
    May I also add here that a 1000 year old Agastheeswarar Agilandeswari Temple is at Sendamangalam one Km away .

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