Story of Sri Kripanandha Variyar Swamigal

Ran into this video documentary about this great mahan. Many unknown facts about him…This not much of video but more of audio. One should listen to this to know His contribution to Hinduism, fearless attitude towards atheist like Periyar, Karunanidhi etc and true contribution to Tamil. Personally speaking, I have attended so many upanyasams of Sri Variyar during my childhood days and not just me, many many of us are great fans of Him. Tamilnadu is so gifted to have mahans like Him during our days.

Our namaskaram to Sri Variyar Swamigal.

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  1. Sai pointed out the mistake in referring Periyava instead of EVR. My laptop automatically replaces the word Periyava the moment I start typing “Peri” – in this case, although I typed Periyar, it eventually replaced with Periyava and I didnt notice it…Not an excuse but an explanation.

    • The resounding success of Hotel Saravana Bhavan is only due to HIS Blessings…. Sri Vaariaar is famous for HIS direct and Subtle humour…

      Shree Vignesh and Co,
      West Mambalam,

  2. Sri Kripananda Variyar was a very great soul, combining vast Sastric learning, unparalleled mastery over the entire Tiruppugazh lore which he could recite from memory from any word, any line, backward and forward, and very deep knowledge of Tamil literature and grammar.. But the Tamil TV Channels do not do justice to him, as they do not research properly and present well. His life was so vast and rich it is difficult to do justice in short time or space.

    He lived at a time when the atheistic ( really, anti-Hindu) movement was spreading like wild fire in Tamil Nad. His discourses were masterpieces of literary charm, devotional piety, musical delight and sastric learning and lore, peppered with medical wisdom and health hints.. But in the spreading atheistic current, he did not get his full recognition except within the community of Astikas. In 1969, he was even physically attacked by an unruly atheistic mob in Neyveli. Some nationalistic leaders like Kamaraj and M. Bhaktavatsalam tried to counter the anti-Hindu atheistic movement in the late 60s/early 70s , projecting Sri Variyar, but could not make much impact against the brute atheistic brigades. [ Under the Dravidian dispensation, the authorities did not honour traditional Tamil scholars with religious views and commitment like Sri Variyar and Ki.Va. Jagannathan.]

    Sri Variyar has left a vast body of writing. His detailed commentary on Tiruppugazh is the only source of such comments. Unfortunately, he did not cover the entire Tiruppugah corpus or works of Arunagirinatha. But what he has done, no one else has. [ Thanigaimani Chengalvaraya Pillai has classified all Tamil literary works on Lord Subrahmanya into 12 divine orders (Tirumurai) and given their meaning in entirety. But this is very succinct and scholarly, and not detailed]] So, Sri Variyar’s detailed commentary is the only source we have now for detailed study. But for his commentary, we would not know many essential details of this work.

    As a follower and practitioner of Saiva Siddhanta, his philosophy differed from that of orthodox Sankarite Vedanta, though both are rooted in Advaita. But this did not have much practical significance, as he struggled to revive the Bhakti tradition in the society, which cut across philosophical niceties.

    Sri Variyar was also an authority on Ramayana and Mahabharata, besides Kandapuranam in Tamil. He was also an authority on Saiva Siddhanta, Devaram. the life and works of Saints like Tayumanavar, Pattinattar, Vallalar. He was literally an ocean of learning. No wonder, Mahaperiyava conferred on him the title “Saraswati Katakshamrutam”.

    Mahaperiyava also disclosed that Variyar spent all his income on charity! He helped in the renovation of numerous dilapidated temples. He was instrumental in restoring worship of Sri Jalakandeshwara,the ancient Shiva temple in the fort of Vellore, which was under the occupation of the dept of archaeology. It was a real coup that he achieved.

    He was a devotee of Sri Tyagaraja Swami, and once even indicted the Carnatic music vidwans that they were not doing enough to honour the memory of Sri Tyagaraja in a fitting manner.
    His insight into Tirukkural was stunning. For instance, the meaning he gives for the very first Kural is so unique that it will leave us wonder struck.

    Fortunately, most of his audio talks have been transcribed into books. His entire Tiruppugazh commentary is available in nicely printed uniform volumes, published by Guhasri Variyar Publishers, who have also published all his available writings. Some publications are also available from Vanathi. Arunagirinatha was a noble saint who honoured all Hindu deities and Avataras without discrimination, though Subrahmanya was his Ishtadevata.. He extolled Rama, as even Valmiki and Kamban have not done; he celebrated Krishna more than the Alwars; he celebrated Ambal more than any Sanskrit or Tamil poet, and the Namavali he employs for Ambal will excel even Lalita Sahasranama. The entire Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavatam are narrated in Tiruppugazh hymns. The beauty of all these is fully brought out in the commentary of Sri Variyar on Tiruppugazh! It is to be read to be really appreciated!

    Thus we are under a very deep debt of gratitude to this Great Soul. He was so unique. May we all honour his memory by reading his available works.

  3. Please in the 5th sentence iReplace the word Periava as Periaar the atheist.

    Sent from my iPhone, (pl.forgive any typo) Prof. M. Ramachandran,


  4. Atheist – name please correct mistakes

  5. I think there is a mistake in writing about atheist. Please correct it

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