800th episode on Guru Mahimai by Sri P.Swaminathan

Time flies – really! It seemed like only recently Sri Swaminathan started this episode in Podhigai TV but now it has come to 800th episode. Simply amazing. It is very hard to retain viewers/readers/followers for a very extended period of time in any digital media – particularly in today’s competitive world. TV channels always care about their ratings on a daily basis and every minute of airtime matters. In spite of that if this series is continued for 800 sessions, it is only because of Mahaperiyava’s anugraham and Sri Swaminathan’s very simple and beautiful delivery of messages that reach all sets of people. My parents are big fans of Sri Swaminathan. His decades of editorial writing skills and his unshaken faith in Mahaperiyava has taken him to this height. Simple man – easy to reach out to – very humble no matter how heigh he goes.

From the blog, we all pray to Mahaperiyava to bless Sri PS with all success and we wish him the very best.

Our sincere thanks to Podhigai TV for their trust and confidence in Sri Swaminathan and their devotion to our Acharyas!

Swaminathan Sir – kalakkunga!!!

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  1. Sri swaminahan’s guru Mahimai lectures.
    பெரயவாளை…ப்” பற்றி” த்
    திருப்பி த் திருப்பி பாரக்க த் தோணுது.
    திருப்பி திருப்பி கேட்க தோணுது
    திருப்பி திருப்பி பேச த் தோணுது
    திருப்பி திருப்பி எழுத தோணுது..!

    வேதநாராயணன & கமலா பனே.

  2. We were delighted to hear Sri Swami Nathan’s characteristic style of rendering Incidents of miracles of Sri Maha Pero yava, during his visit to Pune. The day coincided with HH jayanti day.
    More thrilling was Sri Swami Nathan visited our Home sweet Home.. My wide Kamala and I nerrated our personal experiences with HH Maha Priya va, and made him ,our audience.
    We wish to hear Him personally again…Till then, TV is the resort…..Namaskar and
    ,, Vedanarayanaan & Kamala Pune. Ko

  3. I and my mother never miss the episode of Guru Mahimai, a spiritual discourse by journalist Swaminathan. His words are direct, carrying great impact and dwell on the Godhood of Maha Periyava of Kanchi Mutt. Kudos to him and the programme organisers.

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